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    Can anyone recommend a cute nickname for Delaney?

    Can you also think of a good middle name for it! Irishy last name ending in y. So far husband likes Hope and my top choice is Maeve...

    Thank you!!!

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    Well the obvious ones are Della and Laney. Both are cute and most appealing to me personally. Lady would also work I think, and Ella (but that would put her in a group with a hoard of other Ellas). Laina / Lana or Lili maybe.

    I think both of your middle names are great, only slightly preferring Hope.

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    Oh, I love Maeve.

    As aym said, Della and Laney are cute. Ella is plausible. Delia could also work. Elan/Ellen is another.
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    Delaney nn: Delle/del, Della, Elle, Ella, Elly, Dale, Daley ( I actually think Daley is even cuter than Delaney ) Lane, laney, Lana

    Delaney Simone
    Delaney Morgan
    Delaney Rose ( super popular for middle names, but it goes well together )
    Delaney Rosamund
    Delaney Primrose
    Delaney Bridget
    Delaney Robyn/Robin
    Delaney Corinne ( coarINN )

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    Oooh I love Delaney Maeve!

    Other nicknames not already mentioned might be Didi/DeeDee, Dee, Lee, Dani/Danny. This is a little less intuitive, but a friend calls her daughter Delaney by the nickname Lou (evolved from originally calling her Lanie-Lou).

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