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    Do boys names for girls work if...

    they are honoring a family member? I've been thinking about using my dad's name as a mn for our 2nd daughter (due this spring). It is a clearly masculine name, I would NEVER use it as a first name for a girl but what do you think about boys names used in the middle slot? In my family last names are often used for middle names so I guess this isn't that much different.

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    It's pretty traditional in my family to use masculine or last names as middle names, so I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Personally I have a boys name for my middle, with a very popular feminine first name and it's never caused me any issues. In fact I always thought it was kind of cool, set me apart from the million other girls with my same name.

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    casilda Guest
    No, it doesn't work even if you're honoring family.

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    I feel that the middle spot is the place to take liberties, whether it's using that out-there-name that you aren't bold enough to use as a first name, honoring a family member (even if you aren't fond of the name or, as in your case, it's a family name that might not be used traditionally as a middle name -- this also applies to old family surnames being placed as a middle name to retain them).

    So I say yes, definitely. The other alternative is to see if there is a feminization of your father's name as this is the most recognized way to honor men -- and has resulted in some great names.

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    I think a middle name can be just about anything you want it to be. Middles are the perfect spot to honor someone or to be a little daring, because they are so rarely heard "out in the world." There is no "wrong" or "right" when it comes down to it. I think a masculine name would be fine in the middle spot.

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