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    Is Veda universally pronounced vay-duh? I thought it was pronounced vee-duh. Oh well.
    I'd expect pronunciation issues if so.
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    I believe that Veda can be pronounced as Vay-duh and Veet-uh. I know that in the movie versions of Mildred Pierce it is pronounced Vay-dah by Joan Crawford, and in the Kate Winslet version it is Veet-uh. I am going with Joan's version cause who would argue with her really. It's also the way that I would pronounce the texts.

    Vada I say Vay-duh, but the more I look the more I think Darth Vadar.

    Vita reminds me of Vitamins the more I think of it.

    I think I will suggest Veda to my husband!

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    If I were to rank them:
    1) Vita (nn for Vittoria)
    2) Veda (pronounced the same way as Vada, but how it looks is prettier IMO)
    3) Vada (reminds me of Darth Vader)

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    Vada and Veda are both pronounced Vay-duh for me. Vita or Vida meanwhile would be pronounced Vee-tuh or Vee-duh. I think these pronunciations are standard and you wouldn't run into too many mishaps. You might get some saying Vee-duh when they read Veda and Vie-tuh when they read Vita.

    I love the name Veda (this spelling), and would consider it if it weren't for a friend having recently named her baby girl this. One thing to consider with this name is that it is a Sanskrit common noun, meaning "knowledge" and is in a sense a word for "scripture" -- The Vedas are texts in hindu religion. It has been recognized as a name though. Doesn't deter me at all and I think it's not something everyone will associate with the name but it's still good to know. Vita and Vida are also words as well as names, just don't have religious ties.

    Vada -- this I know from the movie "My Girl" -- the main character is named Vada.

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    Vada (and actually all these names, just because I don't have another association for any of them) reminds me very strongly of the movie, My Girl.
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