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    Alice, Elsa, Claire, Lily, Thea

    After years (literally) of checking nameberry daily but never registering, I cannot believe I'm writing my first post. I am very excited to see your feedback!

    Alrighty, I know you all have really good taste and insight in all things baby names so I'd really like to hear your thoughts on my top 5. Your opinions of the name, popularity, how it fits with the boys, anything and everything is welcome and appreciated.

    So my top boy names are Henry (definitely going to be my first sons name) and Arthur. Close behind are James and Jack. I am so in love with the names Henry and Arthur as my first and second son that they are completely set.

    My problem is the girls names. I have a top 5, but no leading name or anything
    The names are :

    I feel like Alice and Claire fall into one group, Thea and Elsa in another, with Lily in the middle, but that might be just me. I love them all pretty equally with just my mood making me prefer one group or another on certain days.

    So I'd love to hear what you have to say about my girl names! Thank you so much!

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    I think all your girls names go fairly well together, actually. Overall, they are classic names or derivations.

    Alice -- I love this for Wonderland, but if not for that it's a name I find very safe. Which isn't a bad thing. It will be readily accepted and pleasing to many.
    Claire -- This is a classic that for some reason has such a loveliness to it. I really like this name and am happy to see it in the forums as much as I do.
    Elsa -- This one is growing on me. There are other "el" names that I prefer, but I think this one has a sweet shyness about it.
    Lily -- I'm not a fan of the name Lily. I love Lilah and Liliosa or a longer version that can have Lily as a nickname. Overall though, it's a nice name that is a gorgeous flower.
    Thea -- I prefer this as a nickname, maybe to Althea or Theodora (preferring Althea), but that said I think Thea stands well on its own too. It's a little unexpected which I like and I would be delighted to meet a little girl with this name.

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    Lily and Alice are my favorite from your list!
    Currently Loving:
    Addison, Britton, Ella, Cara, Kennedy, & Leighton
    Beckett, Hudson, Greyson, Drew, Finn, & Hunter
    name suggestions are welcome any time, message me!

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    Elsa and Lily are my favorites

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    Hi, and welcome! You have a wonderful list of names.

    With Henry and Arthur, I really like Alice and Claire, as long as you don't mind two siblings sharing the A initial.

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