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    Talk to me about these boy names

    Just like my recent thread in the girl baby names section, I'm going to give you guys my favorites from what I found on online birth announcements lately, and I want to hear what you think about them!

    Lincoln Cruz
    Zander Farris
    Jagger Law
    Atticus Paul
    Leo Sebastian
    Griffin Lane
    Archer Orion
    Memphis Peyton
    Beau Lionel
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    Lincoln Cruz - Not my style at all.
    Zander Farris - And this one, too.
    Jagger Law - That's cool! My first thought was that his parents are fans of Mick Jagger and Jude Law, though. But I really really like it. Wouldn't dare myself.
    Atticus Paul - Handsome! Never considered Paul as a middle for Atticus... works well.
    Leo Sebastian - This is stunning. I'd swap them, though.
    Griffin Lane - Surprisingly I quite like this.
    Archer Orion - My favorite. So perfect.
    Memphis Peyton - I absolutely can't picture Memphis on a baby.
    Beau Lionel - Cool. Sounds like a name of an indie musician.
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    I adore Beau Lionel! That's definitely my favorite from the list.

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    Lincoln Cruz-I like Lincoln, but not with Cruz.
    Zander Farris-Wasn't that goofy guy from Buffy called Xander Harris?
    Jagger Law-I'm afraid I don't quite understand why Jagger is so popular...
    Atticus Paul-This one I LOVE!!!
    Leo Sebastian-And this one!!
    Griffin Lane-Griffin is a great name.
    Archer Orion-Finding myself liking Archer more and more lately.
    Memphis Peyton-Kind of a quirky name, but I think I like it.
    Beau Lionel-Beau is handsome, Lionel isn't my favorite, but I admit that they sound good together.

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    @polina, I actually know of a little blonde shaggy-haired little boy that's about five named Memphis, so I think that's why I find it usable! I don't like Peyton with it, though. Peyton is superrrr popular in my area.

    @Lillie_Mac I've never seen Buffy so I have no clue.

    To everyone (lol) I actually hated Lionel until I saw a certain movie... I totally forget the name, but it was some kind of romantic comedy, and this guy had a son named Lionel. The movie might have been Because I Said So? Anyway, I think the name is adorable now. I'd never use it, but I love people that have the guts to use it.
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