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    What is the strangest way your name has been spelled?

    This is inspired by some of the comments on the "16 Things Only People With Unique Names Will Understand..." post.
    It got me wondering:
    What is the weirdest misspelling of your name you have come across?
    Which is the strangest misspelling that has happened to you? i.e. on your post, on a name tag etc.
    Have you ever met anyone with the same name as you but with a really unusual spelling?

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    I've never met anyone with an unusual spelling of my name - they've all been Rachel or Rachael.
    I did get Rechel on a coffee in Starbucks once though and I once got a text from my friend addressed to Raichll - that's got to be the weirdest one.

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    My name is Kate, so nothing really to mess up. But my younger sister Amina ALWAYS has issues. She says "Amina," and people write "Ameena" or "Amena." She's always correcting people on the spelling.
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    My name usually gets misspelt as:
    Jamilla/ Jamillah
    Jamilia/ Jamiliah
    And at Starbucks I got:
    But to be fair, the cashier wasn't English, and I know that G and J are pronounced and used differently in other countries. Our French teacher spent ages trying to tell us G is said J, and J is said G in the French alphabet :P
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    I got Abany in Malaysia, I'm guessing Ebony isn't used as a name in Malaysia
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