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    I once got a note from a neighbour spelling my name Frayjah. Wow.
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    Mine isn't too difficult just different spellings..

    I got Staycee once

    Stacey is the spelling that most girls from the 80s have but I always get asked
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    I'm Alice and I have gotten Alyce before. Nothing to weird. Any other spelling ends up being a version of Elise.
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    Yesterday I went to Starbucks and McKenna was spelled Nicina... I'm assuming he misheard me but there was hardly anyone there. I do get the occasional Makena or Mekena which bothers me to no end.

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    I'm a Giulia whose mother misspelled the name on the birth certificate. Legally (sometimes) I'm a Guilia. I've gotten every spelling you can imagine. I spell my name out, and it still ends up Jiulia, Julian, Givla, Givlia, Giula, etc! Anything under the sun is possible.

    The absolutely most intruiging "spelling" of my name I've ever gotten though was Neal. I have no idea where it came from or how it even resembles Giulia in any form or fashion, but during high school I would get college letters for Giulia J. lastname, and Neal J. lastname. I used to joke I had a twin.

    And finally, the most infamous story regarding my name, during high school a teacher misread my nametag as Gorilla. Funniest moment ever!

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