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    Middle name (astronomy/space/science) for a baby Oona who is due today!

    We're due a little girl, who we will be calling Oona. She's due today!

    Still undecided on a middle name though.

    Our son's middle name is Jupiter and we'd like to give her something equally exciting and to do with the universe. It doesn't have to be as well known a thing as Jupiter though. The priority is that it also sounds good.

    Ones we like but have had to reject:

    Europa - we adore this, but discovered it has fascist connotations

    Celeste - again, we adore this, but then her initials would be O.C.D. which I don't think is a big problem, but my husband is really against any letter 'C' middle names

    Considering but not sold on:

    Bellatrix. My husband likes this one a lot and I think it's okay.

    Eudora. I love this (my grandmother was Dora so there's a nod to her) but my husband isn't sold on it at the moment.

    Can anyone think of ideas we might not have considered? Probably 2-4 syllables will work best with our single syllable surname.


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    Maybe weather name?

    Zora (dawn)
    Callisto (too bad I your husband won't do C names, maybe this suggestion is void, but I would like to mention it)
    Artemis (goodess of moon)


    Leda (this is listed in astronomy baby names list, but I do not know why, it's still pretty, though)
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    It's such a pity about Europa, I also think it's very pretty. The Europa moon itself is also very beautiful, fascinating and mysterious as well.

    Ideas for astronomical names you might not have considered include:
    Andromeda; a nearby galaxy, is usually depicted as having a more pinkish hue in contrast to the bluish hue of the Milky Way
    Io; it's a really small name, but the largest moon of Jupiter
    Luna; from the Earth's own moon, simple but quite pretty
    Kalyke; I really adore this name actually. It's a very pretty name belonging to one of the moons of Jupiter. However, it's quite a small and (mostly) uninteresting moon though compared to moons like Io or Europa though
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    Oona Thalassa (means "sea" and is pronounced THAH-lah-suh) was one of the first names that came to mind, and I think it is my favorite! I love Thalassa and can never find anything to put with it, but Oona actually works!
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    Oona Celeste is gorgeous! I don't think the initials are a really big problem, to be honest. My best friend is A.S.S. and I was the first one who noticed it.

    Other suggestions:

    Oona Galatea
    Oona Ariel
    Oona Electra
    Oona Aurora
    Oona Talitha
    Oona Navi
    Oona Esther
    Oona Phoebe
    Oona Helia
    Oona Evanthe
    Oona Gemini
    Oona Lyra
    Oona Titania
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