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    Love Oona Celeste and Oona Bellatrix is a stand out. I also LOVE suggestion of Oona Artemis and like Oona Pheobe.
    Others that haven't been mentioned:
    Oona Selene
    Oona Iris
    Oona Calypso (though another C)
    Oona Seraphine

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    How about
    Oona Seren
    Oona Juno - the Roman Goddess of the heavens- actually its a bit OO heavy
    Oona Nephele - The Greek Goddess of the Clouds
    Oona Tanith - The Phoenican Goddess of the Moon
    Oona Yvaine - Evening star - I really like this one
    Oona Venus
    Oona Stella
    Oona Ursa
    Oona Vega
    Oona Nova
    Oona Io
    Oona Narcissa

    I too am going to include the 'C' ones I like just because

    Also love the suggestion of Pheobe

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    Constellation names:
    Oona Ursula (after Ursa Major/Minor)
    Oona Maia

    Oona Phoebe after Phobos - a moon of Mars
    Oona Alma after Amalthea - a moon of Jupiter
    Oona Carme - a moon of Jupiter, or Carmen
    Oona Leda - a Jupiter moon but with a fairly unfortunate myth backstory
    Oona Dione - a moon of Saturn. Could become Diana
    Oona Pandora - a moon of Saturn
    Oona Helene - a moon of Saturn - also Helena
    Oona Larissa - a moon of Neptune

    Uranus's moons are named after Shakespearian heroines:

    Oona Cordelia (King Lear)
    Oona Ophelia (Hamlet - although tragic)
    Oona Bianca (Taming of the Shrew)
    Oona Cressida (Troilus and Cressida - although Cressida betrays her lover in this very dark play)
    Oona Desdemona (Othello - tragic)
    Oona Juliet (R+J)
    Oona Portia (Merchant of Venice)
    Oona Rosalind (As You Like It)
    Oona Miranda (The Tempest)
    Oona Ariel (The Tempest)
    Oona Titania (Midsummer's Night)
    another of Uranus's moons is named Belinda, from Alexander Pope's 'The Rape of the Lock'.

    Another option could be Satellite names:
    Oona Ariane
    Oona Freja/Freya
    Oona Clementine
    Oona Ruby
    Oona Topaz
    Oona Rosetta
    Oona Dove
    Oona Dawn
    Oona Alexis
    Oona Elisa

    Oona Aurora is another name that came to mind.
    Current Favourites:

    Elizabeth Francesca Jane (Elsie), Henrietta Beatrice Matilda (Wren), Marguerite Eleanor Rosalind (Mae),
    Albertine Viola Blythe and Rosamund Isobel Celia (Posy)

    Hugo James Benedict and Arden Sebastian Frederick

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    Just had to chime in: Don't use Oona Luna

    There are a lot of great suggestions here, good luck!

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    Yay I love Oona!

    Oona Celeste is beautiful, but I'm with your husband on OCD initials. Kinda funny, but really not a good association. Are 2 middles an option?
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