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    Hadley - Is it the next Riley, Olivia, or Isabella?

    I posted another thread about other potential baby girl names (Lainey and Stella), but I'm really realizing that the I love right now is Hadley. My biggest problem is that DH is not on board, but he was not on board with Sadie and eventually came around and actually takes credit for the name now. I have 6 months to work on him, but there is another problem with Hadley.

    I've looked at the Social Security website and it has consistently gone up in popularity - seemingly jumping 100 slots every year. I think it's around 400 so still not SUPER popular. But I really, really, really don't want to end up with the next Olivia or Riley - a name that was relatively unheard of and then boom every girl in kindergarten will be sporting the name.

    I don't think that Hadley has that kind of widespread appeal. What do you think? Will I regret it?

    Keep in mind, we have another daughter named Sadie and while the name continues to go up in popularity, we still love it. A) it fits my daughter to a tee - spunky yet totally looks like a baby china doll (a cute one, not one of the scary ones!). and B) I still don't think she'll end up being Sadie L. as I haven't come across another parent in my neighborhood city with the name. I am sure they exist, but I'm just not running into them at the park. So while Sadie gave me a little bit of difference from all the Isabellas and Sophias in my neighborhood, it' s not so creative and unique that it seems like we made up the name. So we like to be a little different, but not so different.

    What do you all think about Hadley? Is it the next Olivia?

    Any similar type names that strike out to you for some who likes Hadley and Sadie (obviously). What I like about Hadley is not the -lee ending that seems to be calling out all the Riley, Kylies, Avaleighs, etc. but that I had actually never heard it before my name search started and it's not made up.

    How do you think it goes with Sadie?

    I found I'm having a girl so early because I had to do prenatal diagnosis for separate reasons, so I'm not actually due until August, so I have A LOT Of time to ruminate here.

    Thanks so much,

    P.S. As an aside, if any women here, have had success on getting their SO to come around to a baby name they initally didn't like, I'd love to hear your approach and how it worked out. My DH and I disagree on baby names and he has nixed Hadley for now, but I'm not willing to let go. I don't want to fight so hard that he is going to go the other way, but I really really love this name best so far.

    Any similar

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    Re: Hadley - Is it the next Riley, Olivia, or Isabella?

    It's definitely the next Riley. As a feminine sounding surname, lots of people are discovering it right now as an alternative to the overused and trendy Riley, Taylor, Harper, and Ashley. I actually don't think it's the next Olivia-- I doubt it'll get to the top 10 anytime soon, but it'll definitely experience a burst of use which will lead to it becoming dated. A name like Olivia or Isabella I think is much less likely to become dated, seeing as it has had hundreds of years of use as a name, while Hadley and the aforementioned surnames have only really been girls' names for a few decades. I actually think Hadley has a bunch of widespread appeal-- it's a surname, following that trend, it's feminine sounding, it follows the 'lee' ending trend, and it comes with a cute built-in nickname (Haddie/Hattie). Also, I don't think it goes very well with Sadie, since Sadie is a classic and clearly feminine name. I think Stella goes very well with Sadie from the other names you're considering.
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    Re: Hadley - Is it the next Riley, Olivia, or Isabella?

    It's already super trendy. There's so many two syllable names that end in ley/ly/lie/lee/leigh and they all blend. While there may not be two Hadleys in a classroom to get mixed up with, Hadley will still be confused with Hailey, Bailey, Brylee, Miley, Riley, Kylie, Kaylee, and Ashley. So it's part of a much bigger trend, though not popular itself.
    But Sadie is popular, and you're still happy with your decision. If you love Hadley, don't knock it. You already know that you can love a popular name, and popular really isn't the worst thing a name can be.

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    Re: Hadley - Is it the next Riley, Olivia, or Isabella?

    I was so surprised to find that Hadley is considered a girls name! I've only known two in my life (Hadley and Hadleigh) and they were both boys! I just can't envision it on a little girl no matter how hard I try.
    It's not common in my corner of the world, but I do see people discussing it on the berry boards a fair bit, so I'd drawn the conclusion that it's going down the same path as Olivia. I'm not convinced that it goes well with Sadie either...That could be because to me it's a very masculine name paired up with super feminine Sadie (which I love, btw).

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    Re: Hadley - Is it the next Riley, Olivia, or Isabella?

    Wow, very resounding blahs on Hadley!

    Sadie is proof that I can love a popular name, but I would probably be annoyed if became a top 10 name at some point. nothing I can do about it though.

    I am going to have to think about Hadley some more. It's not so much that I'm concerned about it falling out of favor (as opposed to olivia and isabella) for not being classical. For example, I would have hated to be named Jennifer in 1977. Jennifer, like Olivia and Isabella, is a classic name - not made up and will never be unheard of, just so overused you kind of want to barf at a certain point.

    The difference too is that I live in Miami. I find that names that are super popular in other parts of the country are mildy popular here because of the hispanic/international influence. So for example, Olivia, Sophia, Isabella, Gabriella, Mia, Emma even really catch on here because of the -a ending which lend themselves to Spanish. Not to say that Madison and Riley don't have a following here but less so.

    I guess I have some more searching to do...

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