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    I agree with a pp in that it looks like an ethnic variation rather than a made-up spelling, and overall correcting spelling isn't nearly as big of a deal as people make of it (speaking from experience here). I do think it might present some hesitation in how to pronounce it: My-ee-uh? Mee-uh? Ma-hee-uh? As people might want to make that H have sound even when it doesn't.

    All that aside, I think it comes down to looks and this looks odd to me.

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    It seems unnecessarily confusing to me. I'm guessing the parents wanted to make the name more unique? I would be more understanding if it was an ethnic variation (although still unfortunate). I don't think Emilee is more unique than Emily. I just think it looks a little lower class. Why not just pick a more unusual name?
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    It doesn't look like an ethnic variation to me. I think it just looks like someone was trying to make a popular name "unique" and added an 'h' where it doesn't belong. Mhia doesn't make sense phonetically. Is that mmm-hee-uh?

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    I don't see any reason for the "h" to be in there, and I think it would cause a lot of confusion over the years. It makes me want to say the M in a weird, breathy way, or assume that the parents wanted it to be pronounced My-a since they didn't spell it like Mia.
    Sorry, not a fan. I think the whole appeal of Mia is the simplicity and sweetness of it, which gets lost when you add an extraneous letter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    Oh, good lord, it's awful! I really, really, really don't like this spelling!
    Yerp. This.

    It also makes me want to pronounce it 'vee-a' because 'mh' in Irish is pronounced as 'v'.
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