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    due tomorrow! would love help

    We decided not to name baby until she arrives but I want to have some good ideas. Here's what I have, would love opinions and suggestions.

    Skyla Clementine
    Delilah Sky
    Delilah Clementine
    Auralie Winter
    Auralie Sky
    India Rosemary
    Mariah Sky
    Mariah Vida

    I would like a different middle for India and I would also like to know if it seems weird to use the name of a country neither myself nor my husband has visited. India is last on my list, but i know hubby likes it.

    And...Auralie or Auralee?

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    Skyla Clementine - This is a beautiful name! I love it. Might even be my favorite on your list.
    Delilah Sky - I'm not a huge fan of the name Delilah, but it's a cute enough pairing.
    Delilah Clementine - See above
    Auralie Winter - Not a fan of the name Winter. This would probably be my 3rd choice from your list.
    Auralie Sky - So cute! It's close between this name and the first on your list. This would be my 2nd choice.
    India Rosemary - You have better names on your list. Maybe India Sky?
    Mariah Sky - This would be my 5th choice... Mariah seems so simple compaired to the unique and beautiful names you have here!
    Mariah Vida - This would be the 4th choice, for the same reason.

    Congratulations on your little girl! I'm excited for my girls to be here.

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    myla14 Guest
    Skyla Clementine- I really like Skyla, but I like Skye a little more. I'm not feeling Clementine though. I'd prefer:
    Skyla Rose
    Skye Orianna
    Skyla Dawn
    Skyla Giselle
    Skye Estella or Skyla Estelle
    Skyla Vivienne
    Skyla Aspen
    Skye Giavanna
    Skye Adelaide

    Delilah Sky/Delilah Clementine - Delilah is ok, I like the nn Dellie or Lila, but don't think Sky or Delilah works as a mn here. How about:
    Delilah May/Mae
    Delilah Jade
    Delilah Estelle
    Delilah Rose
    Delilah Pearl

    Aurelie Winter- this is by far my favorite combination of yours. It's pretty much perfect as far as I'm concerned.

    Aurelie Sky- Feels a bit incomplete to me. I like Aurelie Winter much better. But if you want other options, try:
    Aurelie Rose
    Aurelie Jade
    Aurelie Dawn
    Aurelie Vivienne
    (I like the spelling Aurelie much better than Auralee, it's more mature)

    India Rosemary- no, it's not weird to name your daughter India even if you've never been IMO. But I don't like the combo India Rosemary. I much prefer simply India Rose, or even Indiana Rose. I like both India and Indiana. You could use Indie/Indy/Indi as a nn for both. Other combos:
    India Pearl
    Indiana Jade
    Indiana Winter
    India Mae/May
    India Giselle

    Mariah Sky/Mariah Vida: I don't really like either mn. I like:
    Mariah Jade
    Mariah June
    Mariah Pearl
    Mariah Dawn
    Mariah Vivienne
    Mariah Giselle

    Hope this helps, sorry if I didn't capture your style. I like most of these names, my favs being Aurelie Winter and India Rose. Good luck!!!
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    Skyla Clementine - I adore Clementine and Skyla is lovely (although I much prefer the original Schuyler), but they seems completely different in style.
    Delilah Sky - Lovely.
    Delilah Clementine - Same as Skyla Clementine.
    Auralie Winter - Auralie sounds like "orally"... too much teasing potential. Winter makes a sweet middle.
    Auralie Sky - Same as above. I like Sky as a middle name.
    India Rosemary - Quirky and fun, I like it.
    Mariah Sky - Not a fan of Mariah, but the combo is great.
    Mariah Vida - Sounds ethnic to me.

    If you choose Auralie, I'd go with this spelling or Aurelie. Auralee looks invented to me.

    What about

    India Scarlett
    India Clementine
    India Piper
    India Ruby
    India Mae

    Skyla June
    Skyla Juniper
    Skyla Violet
    Skyla Indigo
    Skyla Quinn

    Delilah Jane
    Delilah Fleur
    Delilah Olive
    Delilah Pearl
    Delilah Sage

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    Skyla Clementine GREAT
    Delilah Sky GREAT
    Delilah Clementine GREAT
    Auralie Winter (not liking Auralie) I do like Winter though Delilah Winter is pretty.
    Auralie Sky (not liking Auralie) How about Aurora Sky? Or Aurelia Sky?
    India Rosemary Rather funky choice
    Mariah Sky OK
    Mariah Vida Not keen on Vida

    Couple of names similar to Auralie that might appeal: Amelie, Elodie, Ophelia
    Phoebe Eliza Grace arrived after 2 Years of IVF

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