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    Question Not name remorse, but still feeling off about it.

    My daughter is nearly four weeks old. We had lists upon lists that we narrowed down, and then went in to delivery with a small handful of favorites for each sex. She was born in the middle of the night, and after we slept on it, her name practically chose itself.

    Ever since, I've had difficulty calling her by her name. She has been "the baby" or simply "her" the vast majority of the time. I still love her name, but have difficulty connecting it to her. I've been making a conscious effort to call her by name to get used to it, but it still feels awkward and forced.

    Is this typical? Did you have a similar experience, or did your child seem to 'own' his or her name from the start?
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    My son's name did not feel right or like it was his until he started saying it himself. I felt like he really looked like a Silas, which is his middle name, but not like a Levin (his first name) at all. My husband and I even considered calling him by his middle, but we couldn't do it (for reasons too complicated to get into here.)

    Anyhow, once he started saying his own name, it really became his. That didn't happen until maybe 22 months? He was almost two before he started saying it. Sometimes I call him Silas or by his first + middle name together and he won't respond to this at all and always says, "No! I Levin!" If I do this now, he calls me Mommy Silas.

    Anyhow, yeah, it took a long time for his name to be his, but it is definitely his now and he loves it.

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    My son's name definitely felt wrong and disconnected for a while. It was perfect for the first few days, then I had a huge blow up about how we "named him John" and that it's so popular. We had this great chance and a great name chosen and we decided on a variation of John, even though it's a great name and we agreed that he feels like an Ivan. I was trying to convince SO to rename him Colin. He's absolutely not a Colin and I'm so happy that SO didn't go along with that. I love his name on him, and he really does own it. I think it was just hormones and fear of making a mistake with such an important decision. Also, as he grew and developed more of a personality, it became easier to connect him to his name.
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    You are def still hormonal. The names sometimes take a while but give it a little more time & it will start to feel right. If its been a few months and you are unhappy with the name then you might consider changing it. But if baby is only 4 weeks you should give it more of a chance to grow on you.

    Say it all the time, that should help.
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    I can totally relate. The same thing happened when my daughter was about 4 months old. I realized I never called her by her name. It was always a nickname. I didn't think her name suited her and contemplated re-naming her. I even went so far as to call her by another name for a couple days. I never did and I'm so happy I didn't. She totally fits her name now. Even though she still has a bazillion nicknames, I really can't imagine her as anything else.

    Maybe play around with some different names. That's why I didn't end up changing her name. Even though I didn't think her name fit her, the other name I called her, didn't really either.
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