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    I got a copper IUD after my boys were born. I experienced no pain and only mild discomfort (no more than a normal gynecological exam) when the midwife put it in and when she took it out years later when we decided to TTC. No bleeding or anything.

    My periods didn't change much at all. If anything they got shorter. And I experienced no more cramping than before. I was happy to have something that was so effective at preventing pregnancy without having to take hormones. Definitely will have one put in again after our next and final little one.

    Good luck with your choice!
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    I personally would recommend the pill. I was on it for 20 years prior to getting pregnant - I went off in September and conceived in October...truthfully the idea that long term use of the pill causes infertility or trouble conceiving is a complete myth. Usually those who have issues have a previously existing condition that results in infertility, and if they experience anovulation it's not actually a result of their use of the pill but would have occurred anyway, regardless (my mother is an OBGYN and we've had extensive discussions on the topic, lol). It may seem like a challenge to remember to take it every day, but an easy way to manage it is place the pack by your toothbrush holder, surely if you are maintaining that routine, the addition of the pill will be a breeze

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    @lookingahead, not to hijack the thread but you caught my attention with the Depo shot and having joint pain after a few years. I'm a number of years in with Depo and have been having SO much hip pain in the last two years. I've attributed it to the one hip being wonky as it is from riding horses (well, specifically falling off of them, haha!) and the other one from being more active in the last few years. I actually have a hip MRI on Tuesday because the pain has been so bad... But I wonder about this Depo business!!

    I've been so worried the ortho won't find anything in the MRI, but goodness if not maybe it could be fixed by changing birth control....

    You've just given me a lot of hope!

    OK so back on topic now that I've said all that... I actually really LOVE being on Depo. As it is, I may need a tampon or two per cycle, which is the week I'm due for another shot (so one per twelve weeks!)? Usually just panty liners. It is awesome.
    I didn't notice weight gain that I can blame on the shot. My bio mom died around the time I started the shot and I did gain 15lbs in the next six months, but it easily could have been due to that. I've lost that weight all the while still being on the shot, as well.
    Skin is the same, mood is no more wacky than before libido is a little less, but our life stresses are more now, so again who knows.

    I tried Mirena but haven't had a kid and apparently have a cervix like a bank vault. It was access vehemently denied, even though I was begging the doctor to just keep going, even through my sobs! I was so disappointed, but my second choice, Depo, really has gone so well.

    I've been on pills but my doc doesn't want me on them (oral estrogen I think?) with my migraines. Just as well, as it is a MIRACLE I never had a kid on them all those years ago... Definitely not reliable enough to take something every day at the same time. Heck no.
    I also tried the Nuva ring when it was new but I had more yeast infections with it than ever before, though I may just be extra sensitive to that.

    Haven't tried the patch or implant in the arm. I've been considering going off Depo this year and I will be asking my doctor about my other options if I want to stay on hormonal bc. Probably the arm implant unless the bone density worries are no less than with Depo, then I'd continue with Depo for sure.

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    Good point about the cancer risks with the pill. I have had some sketchy lumps in my breasts in the past, turned out to be nothing but I am definitely concerned about the additional hormones contributing to breast cancer.

    The depo shot freaks me out! Too much hormone IMO.

    I got a prescription for the Mirena but I'm procrastinating on getting it filled because it's quite expensive & money is tight right now.
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    @katieydenberg - I don't know which types of IUDs these ladies had that were "missing". But I would say that in the last 2-3 years I personally have x-rayed at least 5 women who have had it travel/dislodge/whatever you want to call it. I also work in surgery and I have seen that exact surgery scheduled a handful of times as well. I have no idea what percentage this would work out to be. But for me personally, it is too many and I would never have one inserted. It actually happened to a friend of mine and I know what she went through to find it and remove it.

    Good luck with your decision!
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