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    Contraception options

    In my world, I'm just passed 6 weeks postpartum, starting to think about contraception. Since I was a bad bad girl & wasn't careful while bf last time (and ended up with Indie to show for it) I am planning to be more careful this time. Since I don't have much routine in my life right now I'm thinking the pill maybe isn't ideal. I'm considering getting an IUD, so I won't have to think about birth control once its in. Any of you have experience with IUDs? I've read the pros & cons but looking for real experiences & thoughts/preferences. I would probably get one of the plastic-progesterone guys as opposed to the copper doohickey.
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    I was going to get an IUD but after talking to my mom, my fiance and my soon to be mother in law I decided to get the depo shot instead
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    I don't have an IUD, but I have known many people who have had them, and only one had any complications. The one who had complications had to have surgery because it embedded itself into her, and it is now questionable whether or not she can have anymore children or not. No one else has had any issues, and apparently you don't really have periods with them either, so that's awesome. Like everything, you need to weigh the risks and the benefits.

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    I wasn't a fan of the Mirena IUD. My husband said he could feel it during sex, and I was paranoid I'd get pregnant anyway while it was in place and have to worry the whole time about miscarriage. I had it yanked and he ended up having a vasectomy (although that was the wrong choice, too! We had the vasectomy reversed!).

    The things I have heard about depo (the shot) are not so good, either, unfortunately. Just that people wait forever and ever for their periods to return once they're ready to stop the shot and TTC. Same could be said of the pill (long-term use, anyway), but I'll take my chances with that.
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    I'm not on birth control myself, but my mom had a very bad experience with IUD that I'd like to tell you about. It was before I was born, in the beginning of 90s, but I think it's still relevant.

    They lived in London at that time so I suppose there was high quality medical care, but she had terrible aftermath of getting an IUD. It turned unsuitable for her body and she had one of her ovaries removed. She was in agonizing pain for months and pleaded doctors to have another one removed, but luckily (for me) they refused.

    I just asked her about it and she said that her advice would be to make sure it's suitable for your body and to call your doctor if you feel like something's wrong. Sometimes they can't tell if it suits you or not in the beginning and then it gets bad really fast.

    I'm not good at explaining complicated things in English, sorry! I hope it makes sense. I just feel like it's risky to get foreign objects in your body because of my mom's story and it's important to remember that.
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