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Thread: New Discoveries

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    New Discoveries

    I thought I'd make a thread where people can share new (to them) things they've discovered recently... bands, shows, books, people, names, science/history facts... anything you feel like sharing! And please, feel free to post as many things or as many times as you want!

    I myself just found the band The Orion Experience... the lead singer's name is Orion Simprini, which I think is just about the coolest name ever. I love their music, too - it's so sunshiney which is refreshing when so many bands feel the need to be "edgy" (not that there's anything wrong with being edgy). Even in their music videos they just look like they're having so much fun!

    Here are links to a few of my favourite songs of theirs so far (warning that a couple of these have a swear word or two and/or reference sex [in a silly way]):

    NYC Girl (video - I dare you to watch this without smiling)
    Love Saves the Day (audio only - catchy AND inspirational)
    Obsessed With You (video - this is hilarious and the first song of theirs I discovered)
    bonus: No One Owns the Sky by Orion (video - lead singer's solo work. Catchy, quirky Marxist propaganda? I'll take it)
    Saoirse Foxglove Wes, Lasairfhíona Poet Tempest, Quitterie Úna Forest, Nimue Órlaith Pipaluk,
    Éimear Tove Cressida, Aisling Echo Endellion, Eilonwy Neassa Piaf, Fiona Gwenfair Hecate,
    Keturah Blossom Síofra, Hespera Circe Fionnuala

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    I've recently discovered the band The Dear Hunter. Which has been great (if you look them up, start on Act IV). The songs all tell a story but it's very different to a musical.

    I also found out today that if you're giving a power point presentation you can press B at any time to black out the display screen while keeping it on your laptop (or W to white out). And what to do with your hands when you do public speaking (start with them in front of you like you're holding an invisible basket ball) which was really handy!
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