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    What are you listening to?

    Are there any new songs/musicians/albums you're listening to lately? Or do you have a long-time favorite that you want to share?

    My new favorite singer is Mal Blum, an acoustic singer/songwriter. I've been totally obsessed with them for the past two weeks and want to talk about them constantly
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    In the last year I've gotten very into a band called The Dear Hunter (not The Deerhunter! Very different!) and before that I got quite into Kasey Musgraves who is a country singer. Whilst I was writing my MA dissertation I existed almost solely on the Hamilton Soundtrack.
    In the last two days I've listened to a lot of Regina Spektor and The Medieval Baebes, I just started listening to one on spotify and it got out of hand.
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    Sadly, not Seattle
    Mostly broadway and any version of rock. I loovve Banks and Fiona Apple, as some artists who aren't rock... well, I guess Fiona Apple is technically indie rock.
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    I love Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, and the soundtracks of various animes. RWBY has a great soundtrack, with vocals by a really talented singer, Casey Lee Williams. The songs are written by her dad, Jeff Williams, and she sings a duet in one of the songs with her mom, Sandy Lee Casey
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