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    I actually have read Pat Rothfuss. He's great but when will that man get to the third book! O_O

    I've never read Robin Hobb but it's been suggested. I guess I should get on it :P

    And my suggestion to everyone else is to read Brent Weeks. I like his work (The Lightbringer Series the most). -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Aww, thanks RedWoodFey. I don't think that many people are reading it anymore but I still put bits up every now and then.

    Quote Originally Posted by miloowen View Post
    I find myself having to read Wool....and Cinder.
    Wool needs an editor. Badly. I just had to read some ridiculous waffle about knitting needles being compared to bones in the wrist when he could have just said 'she selected some needles'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dantea View Post
    And my suggestion to everyone else is to read Brent Weeks. I like his work (The Lightbringer Series the most).
    I haven't read anything by Brent Weeks. I'm definitely going to check this out!

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    I'm reading two books at the same time

    Morrissey's Autobiography - Morrissey and his music group The Smiths meant so much to me in 19080's. I saw them in concert before they split up and they were magical. He's a good lyricist so I'm not surprised that I'm enjoying his life story in his own words.

    Helen's Castor's "She-Wolves: The Women Who Rules England Before Elizabeth".Matilda, Eleanor of Aquitaine (fave), Isabella, Margaret and Lady Jane Grey are all included. I love royal biographies as they take me back in time, to places I only dream about visiting and peaking at lives I can never imagine living. I recently viewed the TV series of this book and it inspired me.
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    Currently reading Battle Magic by Tamora Pierce. I've loved her books since I was nine and still read them. Am seriously considering knocking OH over the head at the registry office and naming my future son Briar!
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