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    Quote Originally Posted by geeknamezyo View Post
    I like it even better than Inkheart, which I realize is a bit of a sacrilegious statement.
    That made me giggle.

    I finally watched the movie for The Book Thief. People who have read the book probably won't love it... But I think it's always fun watching the story come alive. I think what makes the book so great is all the narration that goes on in between the dialogue. There were parts in the movie that where actually better than the book, which seems weird to say.

    Right now I'm trying to get through Empire Falls by Richard Russo. It was the winner of the Pulitzer so it's good... But it just doesn't feel like it has much of a story (which might be the point). The writing is great, but it's also one of those books where tons of font is squished into one page and it just never feels like I'm making any progress in it.

    I've also been reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn when I get a chance... I usually read books before I go to bed and I'm too done at the end of the day to get through much of it at a time. :/

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    I finished Requiem For a Dream by H.Selby yesterday. Well, it was impressive, to say at least. I have never watched the film despite the fact people say it's a must-see but I managed to get through the book. It was an interesting experience since I usually read something more...romantic, maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geeknamezyo View Post
    Just wanted to officially state that I've finished Alias Grace (which was gorgeous) and moved on to Stardust. Yay.

    Also, @raevyn, I read Dragon Rider when I was little and recently read it to my little brothers! I like it even better than Inkheart, which I realize is a bit of a sacrilegious statement.
    I rummaged all the bookshops in my town looking for some Margaret Atwood books(which you, Gwen, recommended me back on my book thread) but I haven't found anything beside
    Lady Oracle. Is it good? I originally wanted some dystopian staff but it ain't available here.

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    @lightsea - Oooh, I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn last year and loved it.

    @handsallover - Lady Oracle is one of the few Atwood books that I haven't read yet. It's too bad you weren't able to find some of her dystopian stuff, as I think it's some of her best work.

    I've just started a book called Eden by Yael Hedaya, which I saw on display at the library. So far, I'm finding it beautifully written.
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    @handsallover - yep, I'm in the same boat as Maggie-- haven't read Lady Oracle. Read it and tell us how it is! And I agree that her dystopian stuff is Atwood at her best (although since finishing Alias Grace I also think she rocks at historical fiction.)
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