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    Jon's true parentage is too significant to the ending of the story for him to stay dead. I'm also about 80% sure that he's Azor Ahai reborn, so there's that too. It's either Jon or Daenerys.

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    I do think he has invested too much time and effort into Jon to just kill him off, but I don't like to speculate since I've been surprised a lot, especially from Song of Ice and Fire

    But I agree that it must be either Jon or Daenerys if any ^^
    Hopefully we'll get to read the new book in a year's time, although I have doubts about that as well.... GRRM must have a very meticulous writing process with all the different characters and storylines, making it all come together just right.
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    Dragon Rider by Cornelia's weird, but I've read worse so far.
    And I'm still working my way through Warrior Heir, since for some reason I prefer to only read my book club picks while I'm in school.

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    The Kite Runner made me both cry and smile! I loved the ending and now feel obliged to go and fly kites!

    Still trekking through Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which has made nice relief from the emotional intensity of The Kite Runner. I love the bizarre nature of the book!

    I'm going to start The Pangolin Diary by David Stanley to try and inject some passion for my job back into me before heading out for my final placement. Has anyone else read it before?
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    Just wanted to officially state that I've finished Alias Grace (which was gorgeous) and moved on to Stardust. Yay.

    Also, @raevyn, I read Dragon Rider when I was little and recently read it to my little brothers! I like it even better than Inkheart, which I realize is a bit of a sacrilegious statement.
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