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  • I like it, it's great!

    8 17.39%
  • It's nice, but not my style.

    9 19.57%
  • Don't care for it.

    28 60.87%
  • Ew, I'd feel sorry for her...

    1 2.17%
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    Jess feels very plain and cropped when used on its own. I prefer Jessica, Jessie or Jessa with nickname Jess.

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    I love Jess but can't stand Jessica, I also love Becca but not a huge fan of Rebecca

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    If you want a fuller name for Jess but dislike Jessica, you could use Jessamyn/Jessamine. I'm partial to the Jessamyn spelling because of a book I loved when I was younger (Dancing Through the Snow by Jean Little), personally, but both are pretty and hit a "sweet spot" of unique but with familiar sounds.
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    I want a choice between "it's nice" and "don't care for it." It's just a little dated, but so will be everything that sounds fresh now. I like it just fine for people my age, but it doesn't really catch me.

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    My name is Jessica. It's not too bad. I prefer Jessa but wouldn't use it because it's so close to my name. I know a Jesi who goes by Jess. I go by Jess with my friends. I've known many Jessicas who go by Jess. I think it's a fine name, but it's forever dated to the 80s.
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