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    [QUOTE=stinkyfatface;2278758]Hi all-

    Longtime lurker, first time poster. Wondering if you can help me with narrowing down our girl name choices?

    Hi and happy to have you onboard. Here are my ideas on your list.

    Valentina A pretty name but it locks you into a more European style for future siblings eg Valentina and Raphael. I would prefer Vivienne to get nn of Vivi

    Willa Nice but in my mind doesn't compare with the lovely Willow

    Cecily I do like it but it is a no nonsense style name like Tessa, Stella and Elsa so if this is your stye go for it. If you prefer a frillier style (like me) then Cecelia would fit beautifully and the combo would be Cecelia Willow

    Esme, and Veronica/Vera are sweet, girly vintage style names and would go with a sister Daphne well

    Athena This is too over the top for me and I don't think it is very pretty.

    Farrah It's okay but will need siblings with similarly exotic style names like Soraya

    Elsa I find Elsa a bit too hard for my tastes I much prefer Elise, Ellen, Elvy
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    Valentina- This is pretty but I prefer V names like Vivienne if you are going to use Vivi or perhaps Violet

    Willa- I love this but it seems like a nn for perhaps Willow of Wilhelmina or even Williamina

    Cecily- This is nice, but I much prefer Cecilia/Cecelia or Celia, also have a bit of a gp for Celeste

    Esme- This is lovely, short and sweet like Emme, Enid, Erin or Edie and is a good alternate to the very popular Eve . Like Esther or Hesta too.

    Athena- Love this! Its a little unusual but great meaning, I think Minerva has a similar meaning- love that too

    Veronica- Really dislike, if you are going for a V, as above I sould prefer Vivienne, but Valerie is nice too

    Farrah - Just hear Fawcett really, had to look it up- Happiness is a lovely meaning and It does have a lovely sound!

    Elsa- Much prefer Esme or the othe E names above. Sorry it juch seems like another way to get to Ellies, after Eleanor, Elena, Elaine, Elizabeth, Ellen, Elsie, Elliot, Elle. Or even Stella (which i love by the way)

    I think Willa, Athena and Farrah are my faves as they are a litte different. Unless you go for the alternates above, My list includes Cecilia/Celia, Wilhelmina, Vivienne and Enid!

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    I really don't like Valentina or Willa. Too dated imo.

    Cecily and Esme are my favourites. I love them both and I adore Cecee as a nickname for Cecily.

    Elsa is very pretty and is my next favourite.

    Farrah, Veronica and Athena are okay, but I wouldn't use them. I do however like Vivi as a nickname, like you said
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    Valentina - Very frilly, girly and fancy. I have nothing against it, especially if you'd be calling her Vivi.

    Willa - Doesn't sound like a complete name to me.

    Cecily - Never liked it.

    Esme - I just don't like it.

    Athena - Screams Greek to me. If you like that, that's great.


    Farrah - It's different and sounds fresh. I like it.

    Elsa - Strikes me as very dated and German, but I could be wrong.

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    Valentina - a pretty name but a little too frilly and feminine for my taste.

    Willa - I like the literary connection

    Cecily - an underused vintage gem. Gorgeous.

    Esme - this is soft and femine with an otherworldly vibe. Love it!

    Athena - not a fan

    Veronica - I like this name but many people don't for some reason. I guess it may have something to do with Archie's unattainable dreamgirl.

    Farrah - still strongly associated with Ms Fawcett for me or the last Empress of Iran (Farah Diba). I think you would probably have to choose more exotic options for any future children too.

    Elsa - short and pretty

    Top Three

    1 Cecily
    2 Esme
    3 Veronica

    Honorable Mention: Elsa
    All the best,

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