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    Talk to me about these girl names

    Aaaand now for the girl names! Recent name loves / discoveries this week:

    Myla-- My aunt's sister (who isn't my aunt) just had twin girls, and one of their names is Myla. I really like it! I've heard it before, but after seeing it on a child, it's much sweeter.
    Remy/Rory/Rorie-- Which one do you like best? (I like nickname names, so please don't suggest full names for these! If Emme can stand on her own, so can Remy and Rory.) I heard of a Rorie Mae this week and thought it was super cute.
    Jillian-- How does this name feel to you? It's very sweet, and vintage to me, but I want to know if it sounds boring to you.
    Maven-- My mom says this sounds too much like an old woman. Your thoughts?
    Emery-- Too trendy? I like this name, but I feel like I'm hearing it a lot. Do you guys hear it often?
    Carrigan/Carigan/Karigan-- I've talked about this on here before, but I'm conflicted on the spelling.
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    Myla is very cute. I think Lyla is pretty so it's a nice alternative.
    Remi and Rorie are so cute! I love them! Although they can be boy names, I'm partial to them as girl names.
    Jillian is a little boring to me just because I do know a Jillian so it isn't anything out of the ordinary, and it doesn't stand out to me much.
    Maven isn't bad. Similar to Maeve which seems to be popular.
    Emery is a bit trendy but still a pretty name.
    Carrigan reminds me of Culligan, the water company.
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    Myla -- so lovely. Kinda incorporates Lilah and Maya for me, which are two names I adore, but gives an overall freshness.

    Rory / Remy -- I prefer Rory and I think it's a cute unisex name option. I have only actually met boys with this name, however I actually feel it works better as a tomboyish girl's name.

    Jillian -- I don't particularly like this name.

    Maven -- I automatically think of it as a word, which means an expert or professional in a certain field, but I can see it working as a name off the tails of Maeve and Maeva (though I prefer these).

    Emery -- Maybe a little trendy but it's a cute name. My issue with this name is that I'm always like "why does emery sound so familiar even though I don't know any kids with this name….ah! those one nail files are called emery boards". It's not an overpowering association at all and I don't think many would even make it, but when it is made it's just an odd one. Also like the more traditional Amory.

    Carrigan -- I don't like this. I feel like there are other names out there that are similar that would have more appeal. I prefer it spelled this way though. Has a trendy feel to it. I like the name Carys quite a bit and it shares the same beginning.

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    Thanks for the input so far! I've never heard of the Culligan though, @ashleyf.
    and @aym I get what you mean about Emery! One of the little boys in my preschool class talks about his big cousin Emery a lot, but I've never met one either. I wish so bad I could use Carys! I have a terrible association with this name. Such a shame.
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    Myla - I like it just as much as Mila.
    Remy/Rory/Rorie - Not a fan of Rory, sorry! Sounds very harsh to me. Remy is lovely.
    Jillian - It feels a bit dated, but not boring. It's okay.
    Maven - Lovely. Reminds me of Maeve, which I love.
    Emery - Never been a fan of the sound of Emery, sorry!
    Carrigan/Carigan/Karigan - I much prefer the Carrigan spelling to others. I quite like it, although it reminds me of the evil woman from Casper.
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