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    Names for a fairies (One male, one female)

    For my English class we have to write a story about insanity. My story is about a girl who thinks she's crazy because she has these weird hallucinations/flashbacks evolving fairies flashes of light, and violent scenes, but at the end of the story you find out that she is actually a fairy princess who saw the murder of her parents then defeated the villain who murdered him but the traumatic experience put her into a coma like state where she hallucinated this whole human life.

    I need help coming up with a name for the fairy version of her. It should sound magical and fairy-like

    Her human version is named Ella Rose but if you want to last name suggestions would be helpful.

    The male fairy is her betrothed. His name should also just sound fairy-like and magical.
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    I've decided on Emarintha and Alaric.

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