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Thread: Twin Girls!!

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    Twin Girls!!

    Hello! We just found out we're having twin girls! Probably fraternal, but it's still possible that they'll be identical. Now they need names! Our girl name from my first pregnancy was Matilda Lenore and we still love it. DH's favorite grandpa was Leonard so the Lenore works as a family name as well as an Edgar Allen Poe literary name. Our 3 year old son is Oscar Eliot and out last name is one syllable and starts with a Y. My main problem is that all of the names I really like end with an A. Lucky for me DH and I agree on names pretty much.

    Names that we like


    These are all family names that I also like.
    Stefanya - my beloved grandma, also went by Stevia (like the sweetener.) I don't know which name I like better, but I'm also unsure if it's wise to saddle a girl with either of these names. Are they too much?
    Beatrice/Beatrix - I like Beatrix more but DH insists that if a name ends in an X than the girl will be a stripper. LOL

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    Matilda Lenore is lovely, it sounds very literary, as does Oscar Eliot.

    I like all of the names listed above, particularly Juniper, Maeve, Florence, Eleanor and Beatrice/Beatrix (I totally disagree with your husband on the X/stripped phenomena - Beatrix makes me think of Ms. Potter, the children's novelist). One concern I might have is that Lenore and Eleanor are rather similar.

    Some ideas:
    Matilda Lenore & Juniper Eloise
    Eleanor Florence & Beatrice Amelia
    Matilda Lenore & Florence Theodora
    Matilda Lenore & Amelia Maude
    Matilda Lenore & Beatrix Stevia
    Juniper Mildred & Maeve Arabel
    Matilda Lenore & Araminta Daphne
    Matilda Lenore & Lydia Beatrix
    Matilda Lenore & Tabitha Agathe
    Matilda Lenore & Daphne Abilene
    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    I love most of your list!
    Tabitha - this is my least favourite.
    Daphne - Another name I don't love

    Some twin sets:
    Matilda and Eleanor (unless you name Matilda Matilda Lenore in which case Eleanor is too close to Lenore)
    Matilda and Florence
    Eleanor and Amelia
    Maeve and Florence
    Agatha and Florence
    Juniper and Maeve
    Maeve and Amelia

    Maeve Lydia - this was the first one I thought of because I used to have a combo on my list that was Lydia Maeve. I still have it, just it's not as high on the list. But Maeve Lydia Y is nice.

    Wait. Your last name is 1 syllable? Then I would cross out all FN that are one syllable (sorry Maeve).

    Oscar Elliot - Elliot and Eleanor are a bit close.

    Amelia Beatrice is really nice! Eleanor Beatrix/ce works too!

    I don't love Zelda or Mildred personally, and I find it too difficult to pair names I don't love.

    Stefanya - How about Stephanie (Stefanie?) or Anya? If not, then, in the middle place, I think this would be ok as long as it was paired with a shorter fn, like Maeve (but we crossed Maeve out. How about Maeva?)

    Beatrice Flora Jane, Clara Felicity Kate, Rosalie Linnea Tess, Alexa Coralie Eve, Emmeline Alaska Sophie,
    Charlie Jay, Gideon Bruce, Henry Liam

    Also searching for ways to include:
    Adeline, Avalon, Eliza, Greta, Imogen, Isla, Leora, & Winnie.
    Asher, Caleb, Edwin, Felix, Grant, Hugo, Lachlan, Ronan, Rhett, & Wyatt.

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    Working with what you have listed:

    Stefanya is quite the name and is doesn't work smoothly with many names, IMO. I wouldn't use Stevia because of the sweetener association. Another thought is to use "Anya". I'm also finding it difficult to work with Mildred.

    Matilda Lenore & Eleanor Stefanya
    Matilda Lenore & Daphne Stefanya
    Matilda Lenore & Maeve Stefanya
    Matilda Lenore & Juniper Maeve -- Favorite combo overall!
    Matilda Lenore & Juniper Zelda
    Matilda Lenore & Amelia Beatrice
    Matilda Lenore & Daphne Zelda
    Matilda Lenore & Tabitha Daphne / Delphine

    I think Matilda & Tabitha are especially cute together. I also like Matilda & Juniper.

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    Your naming style is gorgeous. I love these:

    Lydia Juniper
    Zelda Beatrix
    Juniper Daphne

    While I quite like Agatha and Mildred, they are somewhat gloomy.

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