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    Two Middle Names?

    My older son is Easton William, and as we're planning to name baby #2, we're struggling. My mn is Lee, my mother's Mn is Lee, as is her father and his father....and it's sort of a big deal, but Lee is hard to pair with some of the names we like and we sort of like other mn's better. This might be our last bc of medical complications I have during birth, so I'm afraid to count on having another to pass the Lee on to. So, with all that's what we're considering for baby #2

    Boy-Brogan Seth Lee (Seth was the name of one of my husband's best friends who passed away)
    Girl-Maren/Marin/Maryn/Meryn Cait Lee

    Thoughts? Is this weird with Easton William just having one mn?


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    I have to admit that I'm not crazy about your boys first name. Brogan is a shoe. It also shares the same "n" ending as Easton. Brody/Brodie would be better. Have you considered Seth Lee as his name? I like Maren very much - it's soft and feminine. Cait Lee sounds too similar to Katie for me. What about just Maren Lee?
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    I for one love Brogan for both a girl or a boy. I have a cousin who has two middle names Joseph James Frank and it's the same sort of thing they're all family names. It may just be me but I find it so much harder to find middle names for boys than I do girls. In the end it's your kid and you're going to do what you want.
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    Lee is a family name for us, too, So I've had this dilemma also!

    Personally, I think Brogan Lee and Marin (etc.) Lee sound just fine as combos, but if you're really set on using it with something else, I think two middle names is just fine. I do agree with mischa though that Marin Cait Lee smooshes a bit into "Catie".
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