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Thread: Baby Name Help!

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    Baby Name Help!

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Megan and I'm new here

    I have composed a list of my favorite names and was curious as to if you could give me your opinions on each list? For boys, I would love to use family names, but I also want to give them their own names. I'm not sure how to appropriately go about that .. any and all help is appreciated! I'm also open to any other suggestions.

    Forrest (my dad's name)
    George (family name on all sides but with Prince George, I'm afraid it'll become overly popular)
    John (considering a John double name .. something like John Silas or John Henry)
    Larry (I hate this name, but it's my dear grandfather's name .. any suggestions of names like Larry)
    Phineas (Finn)
    Ruben (my grandpa's name)

    Catherine (nn Cricket .. my cousin just used Catherine as her baby's middle name)
    Frances (nn Frankie .. family name)
    Lucia (LOO-sha .. Louise is a family name, but I'm not fond of just Louise)
    Margaret (nn Pearl)

    So, what do you think? Any other suggestions? Thanks for taking your time to read and respond

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    I like Forrest from the boys list.

    For the girls, I am loving the nn Crickett!! I've never heard this for Catherine. Very spunky!

    I also like Lucia, Charlotte, and Annaliese.

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    Thank you, shutterbuglove! I love Cricket, too

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    I am loving the sound of Phineas George. Phineas is one my favorite names, and, since I can't use it myself, I encourage everyone else that I can to take advantage of it!

    Lots of great names on your girls' list as well; I'm most liking Catherine Annalise (cute nn!), Lucia Margaret, and Charlotte Frances.
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    Thank you, freya_1983!

    Phineas George is darling that was not a combo I had put together!

    I'm also loving the idea of Catherine Annalise, Lucia Margaret, and Charlotte Frances.

    Thanks for all of your help and suggestions,

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