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    Exclamation Omg. It's really happening..

    I am a devout name lover! Have been since I was 13 years old... Never thought that I would need to use one sooo quickly. I found out that I am about 4 months pregnant today. I just about died to say the least! Anyways. Now that I am actually naming a child, I am completely lost.

    My friend (who is also the father) and I are talking about names, and we are at TOTAL opposites. Help me find something that he wont say "no" to? He is just about impossible.

    My list.

    Tallulah or Talullah (MY FAVORITE NAME!!)
    Electra / Elektra

    His List.


    Common Ground.
    None I truly love

    Echo (I was shocked!!)
    Honalee (Puff the Magic Dragon was our song when we first met)

    Any help?
    Right now I am so inlove with Talullah! Cordelia, Lydia, Senna, Phoebe, and Elsa are our tops.. Again, not loving them.. Echo is number 1, but again love Talullah.

    Also! An idea of what the baby will look like is below! We start on boy names in the morning.

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    Talullah would so fit this baby on the picture! Does he like it, at least a bit? Maybe he changes his mind?

    I also like Emmeline, Charlotte, Cordelia and Phoebe for your baby. Magnolia and Electra are lovely, too, but I think they would fit people with other features better.

    I'd use Echo as a middle.
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    My suggestion: Each of you independently rate all your names out of 5. His list & yours! Its the best way to figure out what your real faves are & how to reach a great compromise. Also can help him (or you) realize you actually appreciate a name you may have previously dismissed.

    Honestly I think your best names on here are all on your "compromise" list. Maybe you could use one of your faves for a middle?

    My faves lised are:
    Echo Honalee Cordelia Elsa Senna Phoebe & Genevieve & Sabrina
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    Can he veto names? Is he allowed to do that? It doesn't seem fair..

    His favorites are Elsa, Talli, and "Terminator"
    I've suggested using Talli/Tallie as a nickname for Talullah, but he won't budge!

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    You didn't know you were preggo for the first 4 months? Man, you must've either had a really wonderful pregnancy so far, or thought you had a wicked case of the stomach flu!

    I like...

    Tallulah or Talullah- I'd also recommend Tamsin.
    Genevieve- a gorgeous name, although I can see this one becoming a lot more popular in the next few years. How about Jessamine, Iris, Laurel, or Stella?
    Elise- I love this! I've only known 2 Elises ever. I'd also suggest Eleanor, Beatrice, Margot, Pearl, Lois, and Noemi.
    Penelope- A great name, although I know a few little girls by this name. Others... Persephone, Hazel, Adelaide, Oriana, Vera, Odette, Colette, Cosette, and Cressida.
    Sabrina- Sabrina Fair... gorgeous without being flashy. I also love the variant, Savina.
    Blair- Love! Simple and understated. I also think of Blythe, Briony, and Felicity.
    Evelyn- I like, but prefer Eveline (like the James Joyce poem)
    Lydia- a great name... Madeleine has a similar feeling to me.
    Instead of Emily, what about Amelie or Emiliana?

    Edit: Whether or not he can veto names is up to the two of you. Remember that your main goal is not to use a name YOU like. Naming should NOT be a selfish experience (remember, it's about your daughter, and not about you... sometimes I have to remind myself this). Your main goals should be to give your daughter a beautiful, meaningful, versatile name (or whatever you think is important... but I wouldn't name her after a place in Puff the Magic Dragon. It may seem like a good idea now, but just wait until she's 16. She'll hate you both), and to find a name that both of you like enough to say multiple times daily for the rest of your life. Sometimes it takes time to find the "right" one, so if you don't find it right away, keep looking. Also, you may want to prepare multiple names. You never know which one will just fit her when she's born.
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