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Thread: Aria?

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    Husband and I both like Aria (pronounced are-ee-ya) Elaine. I think it is just beautiful, however I'm worried that it is becoming very trendy which is something we want to avoid.
    We are pretty much set on Elaine for mn after sil. What are your thoughts on Aria and/or do you have other suggestions for first name with mn Elaine?

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    Aria is very pretty, though I have been noticing it popping up a bit more!

    If you are really worried about that and want a different first name, I think these would be nice:

    Amaryllis Elaine
    Amara Elaine
    Adira Elaine

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    I absolutely love the name Aria!
    However, if you are worrying about it becoming trendy that may be true... it jumped from ~500 in 2009 in the US to 91 in 2012.
    I knew a girl named Daria in elementary school and she was so sweet, maybe you could consider that as an alternative?

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    Aria is a top 50 name in my state but I still love it. I think Aria Elaine is lovely
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    I think Aria is a little trendy. It has come to the name forefront due to many pop-culture references. That said, it's hard to tell just how popular it's going to become. It's been on an upward move for the last few years and is in the top 100 names for 2012. That's going to be a few thousand girls -- which isn't a lot compared to say, Ava, which was given to over 15,000 (I love the name Ava, and basically just decided that I loved it enough to not care about it's popularity).

    I think Aria Elaine is fine. It does have that thing that sometimes happens when the first name ends with a vowel and the middle name starts with one … kind of runs together a little … but it's hard to avoid with a lot of names in this situation unless you basically go for a fn that doesn't end with an "a". Some thoughts:

    Caia Elaine
    Amaya Elaine
    Cadence Elaine
    Clara Elaine
    Stella Elaine
    Daisy Elaine
    Ruby Elaine
    Daphne Elaine
    Matilda Elaine
    Scarlett Elaine
    Damaris Elaine

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