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Thread: Coy?

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    I am very aware of the meaning of Coy and that there is a fish which btw is Koi, like I said this name is after my deceased father, so no neither of those things change my mind

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    Coy's a cool name for a boy! And in my opinion, it's even cooler because it's a family name. I think based on your surname, however, I prefer the suggestion of McCoy Lamb, nicknamed Coy, to avoid the double single syllables. Both of your middle names sound good. Although, to me, Elliott sounds best between the two, because it's 3-syllables compared to Easton, especially if you end up going with both single-syllable first & last names. Another one to consider is Everett... Coy Everett Lamb or McCoy Everett Lamb

    Best wishes!

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    A secret keeping lamb. Not a good idea.

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    I love it. There are plenty of names that have meanings that we don't really associate with those names. I just don't think people would take his name literally. I say go for it, especially with the family connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    A secret keeping lamb. Not a good idea.
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