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Thread: Doll names

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    Doll names

    My parents are getting ready to move to a new place, and while they were packing up, my mom came across an old notebook of mine in which I listed the names of all my Barbie dolls. (I had a ton, so they couldn't all be Barbie and Ken! And some of these might have been my sister's dolls, because I don't remember having quite this many....) It was quite interesting to look back and see what names I loved over twenty years ago. A lot of these names I still really like, although I wasn't that great at combos back then.

    Travis Parker
    Miranda Ursula
    Serena Dawn
    Rachel Alana
    Joseph William
    Andrew Grant
    Steven Mattieu
    Bridget Clara
    Darien Carter
    Lita Ann
    Louis Pierre
    Catherine Pamela
    Justin Peter
    Candace Maria
    Melinda Brittany
    Nicolette Elizabeth
    Stephanie Marie
    Amy Theresa
    Abigail Nadine
    Ashley Regina
    Simone Chantal
    Christian Spencer
    Karen Tabitha
    Raye Lynn
    Birgitta Catherine
    Erica Holly
    Gabrielle Carmen
    Kirsten Alexandra
    Nina Michelle
    Noelle Holly
    Yvette Christine - Apparently Noelle and Yvette were twins, because I also noted that their birthday was Christmas.
    Alessandra Isabella
    Cara Valerie
    Dominique Kathleen
    Grant Andre
    Michelle Anne
    Amber Rachel
    Jeffrey Patrick
    Shannon Colleen
    Mark Brandon
    Sven Anders
    Melanie Blair
    Emily Sable - Huh, Sable. That's an interesting one.
    Jessica Chelsea
    Jason Christopher
    Virginia Millicent
    Zachary Alexander
    Zoe Katrina
    Anthony Michael
    Robin Christina
    Bradley Nathaniel
    Christina Anastasia
    Heather Grace
    Sonya April
    Michael Christian
    Chloe Veronica - I actually love this! Good job, eight-year-old me.
    Jordan Brian
    Eric Taylor
    Danielle Alexandra
    Crystal Hope
    Brianna Melissa
    Love Brynn - Ugh, this was probably the worst.
    Phillipe Christophe
    Veronica Sophia
    Caron Josephine
    Madeline Love
    Francesca Rose
    Mia Gessica - Not sure why I decided to spell Jessica with a G...
    Belle Cristin
    Marie Shea
    Mary Elizabeth
    Melody Anne
    Gayle Victoria
    Leilani Rapa
    Mahina Kalea
    Jonathan Steven
    Jennifer Rachel
    Lark Helena - This combo is rather striking, too.
    Racheal Elaine - Racheal? I think I had a classmate who spelled her name that way.
    Caitlin Ruth
    Mitchell Adam
    Evelyn Julia
    Luc Pierre
    Sarah Anne
    Jacques Claude
    Khristina Haley - Why the K?
    Heaven Skylar - Well, at least it's better than Nevaeh, right?
    Alicia Kimberly
    Molly Elizabeth
    Nicholas Gabriel
    Christopher George
    Bianca Rose
    Claudia Meara
    Jacqueline Maureen
    Rusti Keara
    Thomas Dominic - This was actually what my dad would have wanted to name a son if my parents ever had one. I'm not sure if I knew that at the time, though.
    Larissa Naomi
    Sarah Barbara
    Zane Timothy
    Zara Eleanor - Lovely!
    Matthew Paul
    Samantha Abigail
    Brooke Regina
    Judith Angela
    Selena Courtney
    Anastasia Juliet - Love this, too!
    Evangeline Jessica
    Carmen Mercedes
    Tara Riley
    Aimee Camille
    Ashleigh Regina - I must have really loved the name Regina back then. This is like the third time it has appeared on the list! (And, screw it, I still prefer Ashley spelled Ashleigh. I have no idea why.)
    Sabrina Victoria
    Madison Eve - Must have just seen Splash...
    Arielle Josephine
    Daphne Chloe - Love both names separately, but together...ugh! What was I thinking?
    Meredith Christine
    Christian Ethan
    Erin Reagan
    Phoebe Olympia - Oo, that's a nice one.
    Nicolas Michele
    David Antonio
    Hannah Tabitha
    Brendan Sebastian
    Lydia Penelope - Pretty!
    Autumn Joy
    Kate Vanessa

    Does anybody else remember their dolls' names?
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    I had a Playmobil doll named Annabelle.
    I also had a Polly named Peggy, a Polly named Portia (which I actually thought was a gibberish name at the time) who had gotten her lower body torn off and was supposed to be a robot (?), and a teddy cat named Helen, who resided amongst Sparkle, Cupcake, and Fuzzball. No idea how I came up with Helen. Oh, and a Webkinz named Dumpling Wong.
    I also have Sims named Ezekiel and Evangeline, and they have kids named Justice, Ashley, Tiger, Celestia, and Fredrick. If that counts.
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    I didn't have dolls, but I had lots of teddies, too many for them all to have names. I got rid of most of them in secondary school, but these are the ones I still own for sentimental reasons.

    Digby - Grey cartoonish dog with a lolling red tongue who is older than me - I inherited him after my cousin outgrew him. He probably reaches up to my waist when standing up (I'm 5'2), so he's quite big!
    Cadbury - Dark brown moose with hollow arms so you can play with him like a puppet. He did have a wife moose and a reindeer baby at one time, but I got rid of them during my big clean out.
    Big Ted - a big fluffy white teddy bear who is probably my favourite, he's great to cuddle when you're feeling sad.
    Santa - a friend of the family knitted me a Santa toy for my first Christmas.
    Red Ted - he was my first teddy, I bit his nose off, lol!

    Those are the ones I've had since childhood and will hold onto. I remember we used to have "bring your teddy to school" days and my teacher once brought in her 40 year old teddy bear that she had kept from childhood, and I thought that was really sweet.
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    Wow, that is a LOT of dolls! lol. I don't know that I ever had more than 5 dolls my whole life. I remember that I had two American girl dolls (Samantha and Molly, and I didn't change their names), and my parents got me a doll when my sister was born (I think they thought I'd get super jealous, like I did when my brother was born two years before that, haha. I was really excited about my sister coming, though, and I named her Rebecca, after my sister. ), and I remember having this favorite, beautiful baby doll, and I don't know that I ever named her (I was around 4-7?), but she was by far the most perfect baby ever. I remember taking her everywhere, and then I lost her, and no matter how much we looked and rearranged, we never found her. I don't think I ever took her out of the house, though, so she's probably still here somewhere, haha. And I think I had a Bitty Baby when I was really quite young, but I don't think I named her, either. I didn't name most of my stuff, haha! I don't think my parents ever encouraged it, and so I just called all my dolls "my doll/my dolly", haha. I definitely will help all my daughters come up with names for their baby dolls!

    ETA: I forgot boys' names! I really love Thomas Dominic, as well! So dashingly handsome.
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    @mega_muffin, wow! I like Caitlin Ruth and Sarah Barbara. What an imaginative, funny kid you must have been.

    The most creative I ever got was with my Cabbage Patch Doll, Michael Jackson. LOL.
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