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Thread: Sibling Rivalry

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    I don't have kids, but I was the oldest. There were times I loved my younger sister, there were times I'd try to kill her. We constantly fought for attention, so much so my dad would try to carry both of us, once he ended up dropping my sister. We joke about that now. However, my parents made the terrible decision to not wait till I was 2 years old, so I was still in the attention need phase, so when sister got held, I wanted held.

    I really really hated being the oldest and still believe I would have been better off an only child. I got the blame all the time, so maybe it was just bad parenting. The constant "your older, you should know better" only made me hate my sister and we grew apart. I also hated that I had to wait for everything and she got to do it just because I did, like watching PG 13 movies. I had to wait till I was 13, but she didn't because my parents were all, you can do it, she can do it. In the end we grew apart and never talked throughout middle or high school. Only now do we actually talk to each other.

    Anyway, it's a phase, she's 2, it's called "terrible twos" I have two nieces, one of them is 4 and she still wants mommy to do everything. Maybe not to the extent of your 2-year-old, but mommy is the world to kids since your the one she's with most of the time. Have you tried talking to her and asking why mommy has to do it? You could also ask her what she'd think about having a baby brother or sister. I know parents who have done this and a lot of the time the kids are excited because they want someone to play, granted, they tend to be older kids like 4 or 5.

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    I had my second when my first was 19 months.

    She had quite a few friends whose moms had babies, and we'd regularly spend time with them. This means we were always referring to and talking about 'Nick's baby' and 'Dora's baby' so it wasn't an unusual transition for her to have her own baby too! We didn't really approach the subject of her own baby until baby sister was born, and it didn't seem to throw her off at all.

    Thank G-d she loved her baby sister right away, and while she sometimes becomes possessive, 'don't feed the baby!' she is also like a little mommy for her - bringing her toys, talking to her... She really loves her!

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    I know it is very typical for kids to go through stages where they show a preference for one parent over the other (and to switch back and forth at some point). I'd venture to guess that by the time a new baby arrived your daughter will have moved on from that behavior, but it's also likely to surface again with a big change like a new sibling.
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