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Thread: Does this work?

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    Does this work?

    We have three boys all with names starting with the letter L: Lucas, Liam and Logan. We were not planning on having another but surprise! We are and it's a girl! Funny how life works.
    We felt we had to stick with the L theme once we found out our third was a boy. But now that this is a girl we figure we are more open to options. You'd think after all these boys that we'd have a girl name picked out but we didn't. Anyway, we considered many L names with the top contender being Lucy. But we felt it was very close to Lucas.
    Finally I think we have decided on Molly. It fits our criteria. It's too syllables, it's not a lot of letters. It is a name that works for a child as well as an adult. Bonus: And it goes great with our last name. We figure it's going to be said most with our youngest name (Logan) cause they will only be 20 months apart.
    So what do you think? I have included their middle names (all of which are to honor a family member).

    Lucas Brian
    Liam Maurice
    Logan Burke
    Molly Ruth Moran

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    I think it is cute that the girl name is different. And really it won't matter when they are adults anyway or even in high school and aren't so closely associated with their siblings. If it is the name you love then definitely use it!

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    cristinamariane Guest
    I agree. I think it works well.

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    Molly works really well. Go for it!

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    I love Molly!(: It's adorable, and I think it works great with all three of her big brothers' names. Congratulations!

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