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    Names for a black cat?

    I found a stray black cat and I might be keeping it. Im going to need a name. But Im not sure if its a boy or girl. The other cats I have are named Jezebeth (nn Princess) and Casper. Im not a fan of OBVIOUS names like Midnight, Shadow, or Smokey.

    Names that would be okay:

    Names that mean dark/black
    Anything related to witches, demons, and supernatural beings
    Also, anything from tv shows, movies, books, or games
    Or anything historical

    Just please keep in mind its a black cat. Thanks!

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    My grandmother had a lovely black cat

    she called Blackie, which did not seem fair to me even as a young girl so I named her Blackie Nokomis. It is a word from Hiawatha. Hopefully not racist, I just thought it was a beautiful word and name and it suited her.

    PS I just looked up Nokomis. "Daughter of the moon, Nokomis" is the line I remember from the poem. Nokomis means grandmother in Ojibwe, according to the source I read, which may or may not be right.

    Lovely name though.

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    I thought of Salem, which is the name of the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

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    I have a jet black cat named Smudge, but that was more to do with her temperament than anything else. If I ever had a black male cat I would name him Salem and if I ever had a another girl cat I would name her Rue because of the Hunger Games character.
    My top ten names for each gender always subject to chance


    Elodie, Willa, Imogen, Isadora, Adira, Lyra,Emmeline, Aya ,Delaney, Alexandra


    Lachlan, Callum, Breccan, Pierce, Rafferty, Calder, Tavish, Finnian, Archer, Paxton

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    Velvet? Scheherazade? Obsidian?
    Married almost 3 years, no kids yet but thinking about it.

    Kind of into Welsh girl names at the moment like Enid, Sian, Rhiannon, Briallen, Rowena.

    Boys name is locked in as husband's middle name as family tradition.

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