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    I had a black cat once named Caspian, but everyone outside out apartment called him Darth Vader, which ended up being pretty perfect.

    Kali ("black one," a Hindu goddess of destruction)
    Merle ("blackbird") or Merlin
    Leila ("night or born at night") or Lilith
    India (for the black ink)
    Wednesday or Pugsley (my cat has this name because she's Halloween-colored, but Wednesday Addams is a great name for a black cat, too)
    Goody, Tituba, other Salem witch trial names
    Malleus or Malefica - the Malleus Maleficarum was a treatise on the prosecution of witches...

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    Adham M black Arabic
    Adrian M black; dark; of the Adriatic Latin
    Adrik M dark Russian
    Alva F black Spanish
    Amaro M dark, like a Moor Portuguese
    Ashur M black Hebrew
    Blake M black; dark Old English
    Boorooree M dark; black Aust. Aboriginal
    Boreen M/F dark Aust. Aboriginal
    Bran M raven Irish
    Brenna F raven-haired Irish, Gaelic
    Bronson M son of the dark man Anglo Saxon
    Bruno M dark-skinned Teutonic
    Carden M from the black fortress Celtic
    Cerin M little dark one Gaelic
    Cerny M black Czechoslovakian
    Chanyaka M/F blackberry Russian
    Charna F black Slavic Yiddish
    Chogan M blackbird Algonquin
    Ciarán F black Irish, Gaelic
    Colby M from the dark village Anglo Saxon
    Cole M swarthy, coal-black, charcoal Old French, English
    Corbin M raven; black-haired French
    Cronin M little dark one Irish, Gaelic
    Currinda M/F black duck Aust. Aboriginal
    Daegan M black-haired Gaelic
    Damis M dark Arabic
    Darcy M descendant of the dark-haired one Irish
    Dargan M black-haired Irish
    Darry M dark Gaelic
    Dee F black, dark Welsh
    Devaki F black; mother of Krishna Indian
    Dolan M black-haired Irish
    Donahue M dark warrior Gaelic
    Donia F dark-skinned Celtic
    Dorjan M dark Latin
    Dougal M the black stranger Gaelic, Celtic
    Dowan M black Irish
    Doyle M black; dark stranger Irish, Gaelic
    Duanna F a little dark maiden Irish, Gaelic
    Dubhán M little and dark Gaelic
    Duff M dark Scottish
    Duggan M black Irish
    Duvessa F dark beauty Irish
    Dwayne M little and dark Gaelic
    Dwyer M black Irish
    Ebonee F black Egyptian
    Ebony F black wood; dark beauty; strength English
    Emery M hard black substance English
    Fascienne F black Latin
    Ferrer M blacksmith Catalan
    Fia F dark of peace Scottish
    Gethin M dark-skinned, swarthy Welsh
    Glendon M from the dark glen Gaelic
    Guadalupe M/F river of black stones Spanish
    Hadria F dark Latin
    Huyen F having a reflective black colour Vietnamese
    Jett M intense dark colour English
    Kaki M/F black stilt (bird) Maori
    Kala M/F black Hindi
    Kali M the black one Sanskrit
    Kangee M raven Sioux
    Kanika F black material Kenyan
    Kannan M black, dark-coloured Hindi
    Karak M red-tailed black cockatoo Aust. Aboriginal
    Karrah M/F black cockatoo Aust. Aboriginal
    Karuvili F with beautiful black eyes Indian
    Kasch M like a blackbird German
    Kieran M black; black-haired Irish, Gaelic
    Kerry M black-haired Irish, Gaelic
    Koll M dark Norse
    Koori M blackfellow Aust. Aboriginal
    Leila F dark as the night Arabic
    Lela F black Kiswahili
    Li M/F black; strength; plum; sharp Chinese
    Lilith F dark; a woman of the night Hebrew
    Lonán M little blackbird Irish
    Mavra F dark Russian
    Melanie F black, dark-skinned Greek
    Merle F blackbird Latin
    Moritz M dark-skinned Swiss
    Morris M dark skinned Latin
    Nerissa F black, black-haired Italian
    Nero M dark, black-haired Latin/Italian
    Onyx M/F black-coloured stone
    Preto the colour black Portuguese
    Prieto M black, a dark colour Sephardic
    Pugana M shadow Aust. Aboriginal
    Quiran F dark; black Irish
    Sauda F black; dark complexion Muslim
    Shyam M dark, black, blue Sanskrit
    Siksika M black foot (referring to moccasin style) Nat. American
    Sullivan M black eyes; little dark eye Gaelic
    Swarz M black German
    Taiko M/F black petrel (bird) Maori
    Tara M/F black-fronted and white-fronted tern (bird) Maori
    Toondoo M/F dark Aust. Aboriginal
    Tynan M the dark one Gaelic

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    I always wanted to name my cat Maleficent if I had one alternatively you could use the name of a plant or ingredient used commonly in witchcraft and potion-brewing :P like Blood Willow
    thinking about...

    Juliet Winona Maeve, Arabella Vittoria Sloane & Frederick Evander Hale

    annika arabella claudia cordelia elara evangeline flora genevieve ginevra irene milena ottilie raphaella rosalie severine verity vivienne
    arlo benedict dean dominic draco evander hale hector hugo louis lupin peter priam regulus remus sirius theodore

    my full naming lists

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