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    Siblings Raphael and Iris?

    I am nowhere near close to having kids, however I love names. What do you think of Raphael and Iris being siblings? Middle names would be Louis (prn Louie) and Aurelia.

    So wdyt? Raphael Louis and Iris Aurelia.
    I'm not sure if they flow together too well but I love the names on their own, I think maybe Aurelia would be better as the first name, to give a slight Italian feel, but I really love Iris atm.

    P.S I'm from England, where Aurelia is pronounced Aur-ray-lee-ah, not aw reel ya.

    I also love names Javiera, Xavier, Juno, Romilly (Romy), Rory, Vera, Valentina, Natasha, Niamh, Luna, Ayla and Zoe, so many different styles!

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    Raphael and Iris are gorgeous together.
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    I think Iris and Raphael sound just fine together. I really like your Raphael Louis combo. I do however think Aurelia sounds great with Raphael too.
    Theodore Arthur

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