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    Question Preference: Full Names vs Nick Names

    Is there any names you prefer either the full name or Nick names but not both?

    For Example:

    I like Jake & Coby but I hate Jacob

    I like Izabella but I hate Izzy & Bella

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    Love Josie...hate Josephine.

    Love Annabel...hate Annie and Belle is a standalone name to me.

    Love Mila...hate Milena.

    Love Finley for a girl...hate Finn on a girl.

    Love Luke...can't stand Lucas.

    Annabel, Carlotta, Tamar, Jubilee, Lorelei, Lola, Josie, Alice, Indira, Claire, Liliosa, Vivienne, Ella, Abigail, Ivy

    Jameson, Samuel, Archer, Dominic, Barnaby, Paul, Henry, Oliver, Jadon, Isaac, Harrison, Lawson, Ezra, Rhys

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    Like Aurora, dislike Rory.
    Like Olive, dislike Liv and Ollie (on a girl).
    Like Violet, don't care for Lettie.

    Like August/Augustus, dislike Gus and Auggie.
    Like Dashiell, don't care for Dash.
    Like Oscar, dislike Ozzie.
    Like Phineas, don't care for Finn.
    Like Sebastian, don't care for Seb and Bas.
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    I like Toby

    but not Tobias.

    I'm sure there are many more, such as loving Theodora but not Dora.

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    I like Gwen but am completely unenamored with Gwyneth, Gwendolyn and Guinevere (which I originally thought was a boys name?? go figure).

    Lottie is such a cool, sassy nickname but I'm pretty bored with Charlotte.

    I've recently warmed up to Billy after seeing a really hot guy named Billy, but I'm not really into William. I like Wilfred slightly more, even if it's a little dorky.

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