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    Does anyone know of any...

    movies that are available in English and French on the same DVD/BluRay? I'm attempting (and I think succeeding! ) to learn French, and it's something I really want to be fluent in one day, and I've been told several times by several people that it's good to expose yourself to both the written and spoken word. I figured getting my hands on some movies that are available in both French and English (not just English with French subtitles) would be a not-bad way to start. I've checked some of the DVDs/BluRays around my family's house, but most of them are in just Spanish and English. Can you think of any that are in both French and English? Or do you have a suggestion for where I might look to be able to find that information out? I remember watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the Jim Carrey version) in French in high school, but I'm thinking of something not so Christmasy at this point.

    I am generally attracted to historical/literary/happily-ever-after/epic type movies (think Jane Austen, Sleepless in Seattle, Leap Year, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Victor Hugo, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Avengers/Spiderman/Superman/GI Joe/etc.), but I'm open to checking out anything.

    Thanks, Berries!
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    I quickly looked at my dvd collection and this is what I found:
    The Harry Potter movies
    Phantom of the Opera
    Tangled (possibly?)
    A lot of movies just have the french subtitles.
    You could always look at youtube. I found parts of Anastasia (1997) in French.
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    Yay for learning French! Bonne chance!

    I'm not sure whether you're up for ordering online, but any DVDs sold in Canada have to have English and French options, so if you order movies off of (instead of, they should have the option to watch in French. You could also order American movies from and they will have the option of watching with the French dubbing.

    As @rgp19 said, you could try YouTube as well. I just did a search for Orgueil et Préjugés (Pride and Prejudice) and found the miniseries in French. That may be helpful, especially if you're already familiar with the story. I found reading Harry Potter in German really helpful because I knew the plot so didn't get totally confused when there were too many new words.

    I can't remember whereabouts in the US you live, but where I am there is an awesome public library system that has foreign films, so you could try there for French films. If you watch French movies with English subtitles, you might learn some new vocab.

    I follow a blogger who is teaching her children French, and this is a master list she made of good French films, so you could try finding these somewhere (library, netflix, etc.):
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    A Little Princess is - that's the only one I can think of from memory. It's a fairly old DVD so it might differ on newer versions but it's definitely dubbed into French somewhere.

    It's a definite historical-literary-happily-ever-after film! It's honestly still one of my favourites, it's so beautiful and makes me cry every time.
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    A favorite of mine is Les Intouchables. I also enjoy Les quatre cents coups and the Claire Denis film Chocolat. I also listen to podcasts from a lot.
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