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    Thoughts on my list!!! :-)

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    The only one I really don't like is Priscilla Catherine. Mainly because I'm not overly fond of the name Priscilla.

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    Ironically, my favorite is Priscilla Catherine! Priscilla is a lovely biblical name that I'm not brave enough to use. My thoughts on the others:

    Chloe Rebecca--- I know a lot of little Chloe/Khloes so the appeal isn't there for me.
    Elizabeth Rose-- Can't really go wrong with this. I know a baby girl born in September named Elizabeth Rose.
    Sophia Adele-- I'd like to see Adelle Sophia.
    Vivienne Rose-- Very sweet and perfect.
    Rose Isabella-- No, too many Isabellas and I don't like the flow of this name anyway. My least favorite.
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    Priscilla Catherine and Rose Isabella are awkward to me. Otherwise, I think it's a lovely list. I especially like Sophia Adele and Vivienne Rose.

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    Chloe Rebecca - Rebecca's a little dated. Chloe Elizabeth would be divine.
    Elizabeth Rose - pretty.
    Priscilla Catherine - dislike Priscilla, sounds prissy.
    Sophia Adele - meh.
    Vivienne Rose - both are too popular.
    Rose Isabella - see Vivienne Rose.
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