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  • Julia Kate Helene

    45 67.16%
  • Julia Kate Cordelia

    15 22.39%
  • Jules Helene

    4 5.97%
  • Jules Cordelia

    3 4.48%
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    Julia Kate or Jules?

    I love the name Julia, but fear it's too common. So we are thinking of doing either two first names "Julia Kate" or just "Jules" as the first name. Any thoughts? Also open for middle name suggestions. Liking Helene and Cordelia as possibilities. Please help! Thanks!

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    Julia KAte is gorgeous, I only know 2 julias one who is around 18 or 19 and the other is around 11
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    Thanks hailey! Goodluck to you : )

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    I love Julia ... Probably because I know this little sweet girl named Julia. She has redblonde curly hair... Just adorable. And I prefer Julia, rather than Jules. I think Jules is adorable nickname, but not as given name. To cutesy.

    My favored combo is Julia Kate Helene. I just feel Cordelia and Kate are bit too close right next to each other.
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    I would go with Julia Kate Helene. Jules is a French MALE name (one syllable "zhool") so I would use it for Julia's nickname. Julia Kate is quite a lovely blend of classic and spunky and Julia is more versatile than just plain Jules for a first name.
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