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    Chloe Rebecca - I love both of these names, but I don't think they go great together.
    Elizabeth Rose - Yes.
    Priscilla Catherine - I love Catherine (Cat is about the cutest nickname one can receive) but I hate Priscilla.
    Sophia Adele - I love Adele but fear Sophia is overused.
    Vivienne Rose - Yes.
    Rose Isabella - I think Rose works better as a middle and Isabella is overused, but yes.
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    Chloe Rebecca-- Cute, popular, sprightly
    Elizabeth Rose- classic, pretty, bit boring
    Priscilla Catherine- clunky combo, I think Priscilla needs to be paired w/ something else--but together I get: girly studious awkward
    Sophia Adele-- soft, earthy/airy, quiet, (Sophey/Sophie Adele?)
    Vivienne Rose-- chic, vintage, vivid (bright),
    Rose Isabella -- vintage, romantic, rustic

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    Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I really like the suggestion of Chloe Elizabeth. I like the name Priscilla...any thoughts on a new middle??

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    Priscilla Wren <--- My favorite!
    Priscilla Rose
    Priscilla Hope
    Priscilla Verity
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