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    I like Camille, Sylvia, Tess, Wren, and Miriam.
    Sidonie, no, but I like Sydney
    Elsa, don't like it as much as Ellis
    Briony is ok, Bree is more my taste
    Junia is alright, but I love Juniper and I like June
    Zora, doesn't do it for me, but Zara does
    Tamsin, no, but yes to Tamryn
    Roxana is not my style, Rexie is
    Delta, no, Daley yes
    Sybil no, Libba or Libby, yes

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    I absolutely adore:
    Mirabel - gorgeous and has a kind of magic.
    Beatrix - spunky and classic.
    Miriam - my favourite Biblical name, beautiful flow. Every Miriam I've met has been highly intelligent.

    I like ____ quite a lot:
    Cosette - I adore Les Miserables. Have you considered Eponine? Also lovely French name.

    Like/not bad/meh:
    Colette - pretty, but dated.
    Zelda - too connected to the video game, now, I'm afraid, though it has a zesty flapper feel.
    Camille - see Colette.
    Cordelia - Love Delia, but dislike the "cord" syllable.
    Nola - prefer as a nickname.
    Tess - feels insufficient.
    Sybil - makes me think of dotty old ladies, but could work on the right girl.

    Sidonie - never sure how to pronounce this. Like Sydney?

    Cora, Coralie
    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    Lenora- I would keep this one. Lenora is beautiful.
    Junia- Nix this. June or Juno would be much nicer.
    Mirabel- Keep this. So beautiful!
    Bryony- Keep this. Bryony (or Briony) is lovely, but will have pronunciation issues.
    Cosima- Keep this. So underused. I would love to see Cosima used.
    Cosette- I would keep this as a GP, because it is so tied to Les Miz. Or use it as a middle.
    Colette- Keep. Love it. So classy and underused and smart sounding.
    Zelda- I would keep this as a GP because of Princess Zelda in the Legend of Zelda video games. I do like the namesake of Zelda Fitzgerald but everyone (at least boys) will think of the video game character. Its a shame since it is so lovely.
    Beatrix- I just dislike this one, never have. So I would nix it. But that is just my taste.
    Camille- I prefer Camilla. But nothing wrong with Camille. I like the names on the rest of your list better, but I guess keep it.
    Cordelia- Keep this. Beautiful. The only downside is the nn opitions. I don't like Cory or Delia as nns, and I feel like it needs one.
    Elsa- I'm not really a fan of Elsa. I'd nix it, but there isn't anything wrong with it. I'll say keep it because I'd be happy to meet a Elsa.
    Zora- Keep. I really like Zora. I also really like Zara, so I'll recommend that.
    Nola- I like the other names on your list better, but I guess Nola is alright. If you are trying to cut down, I'd nix it, but it is alright.
    Sylvia- Keep this. I love Sylvia. So classy and love the nn Sylvie.
    Tamsin- nix. It doesn't really sound feminine to me.
    Tess- I prefer Tessa. Tess feels to short, so I'll nix.
    Sidonie- Nix. Not a fan of the spelling or sound of Sidonie.
    Wren- I'm not usually a fan of word names. I like Wren well enough. I'd keep it for a middle name. I don't like word names for first names because you're naming your kid a word. You wouldn't name your kid Tree or Chair, but it is almost the same thing. The only exception to that rule for me is virtue names (Felicity, Verity, Mercy, etc) or flower names.
    Roxana- Nix. It is better for a dog than a person. Personally, I think it sounds kind of trashy. I know the other berries love it, but I have some negative association, even though I'm not sure what it is.
    Delta- I consider this as the Greek letter, so I'd nix it.
    Miriam/Mariam- Nix. It sounds old to me. I guess it is alright, and other berries love it, but I'm not a fan.
    Sybil- Keep. I really like Sybil, but I prefer the spelling. Sibyl is a word name too, but I really love (it isn't a obvious one).
    I hope that helped. I really like your list!
    Just another teenberry and writer, a lover of names
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    Have a fabulous day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by leilaaa View Post
    Hi guys! This is just a list of my favorite girls names. I'd love opinions on what should be cut, what should be added, which are your favorites: really anything.


    Thanks so much!
    My thoughts on these choices...
    Lenora - I love this name, she sounds very elegant and fresh. Lenora is a gorgeous choice but I dislike the natural nickname of Nora despite nameberry love for this.

    Junia - she's really sweet and natural in sound. I love the whole vibe of Junia she just screams vibrancy and feels fresh.

    Mirabel - a very delicate choice, she sounds classy and light. Mirabel is great I also love the nickname Bel.

    Bryony - I do like Bryony she feels very classic and upper crust Brit. I do like this feel, she's very classic.

    Cosima - She has this gorgeous authentic feel. She feels so elegant and has great Greek feel, despite that the fact that Cosima is off Greek origins she feels so effortlessly European. It's beautiful.

    Cosette - Another awesome 'cos' name. Cosette sounds very elegant and she sounds very sophisticated. Cosette is a lovely choice.

    Zelda - A quirky original choice. With this great vintage sound.

    Beatrix - Another quirky choice. But unlike Zelda she feels more classic and demure. I also love the Bea nickname.

    Camille - It's a nice choice but not my favourite on the list. I prefer Camilla has a sweeter sound.

    Cordelia - Another quirky choice, she feels like a quirky classic like Beatrix but also feels original and has an inspiring vintage sound like Zelda. She's the best of both worlds when it comes to quirky classics. Cordelia has a beautiful sound with lovely Shakespearean sound. I also love the range of nicknames that come with Cordelia. Like Cordy, Dede, Lia, Delia, and potentially Cora.

    Elsa - Another lovely choice. Elsa feels very fresh and pretty. It's an sweet name.

    Zora - Feels very wizardy not my thing really.

    Nola - Similar to Zora in sound but feels more down to earth, natural, and humble. Nola is a vibrant choice and I like it.

    Sylvia - She's a lovely choice, feels very angelic and has a beautiful meaning 'of the forest' I also like the sylvie nickname. Unsure on the spellings though whether I prefer Silvia or Sylvia.

    Tamsin - It's pretty but not my favourite on the list.

    Tess - Never liked Tess

    Sidonie - Again really not keen on this choice.

    Wren - A light vibrant choice with a willow like quality. A cool nature inspired choice.

    Roxana - I can totally see the appeal in the name she's almost vixen like and feels passionate. I have never met a Roxana but have met many Polish Roksana and I'm unsure as to whether I prefer Roksana or Roxana.

    Delta - Ugh I'm really not keen on this at all.

    Miriam - A lovely biblical classic with a soft sound. She's a fresh classic. I also like the Miri nickname.

    Sybil - Not keen.

    : )

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    I typed out a reply and then it disappeared Oh well, I'll have another go!

    Lenora - Beautiful name, I have Leonora on my list so obviously I prefer Leonora but I like Lenora too
    Junia - much prettier than June but it means 'born in June' so it seems kind of cheesey for a baby born in June but then it doesn't make sense for a baby not born in June. Meaning aside, it's a pretty name
    Mirabel - I can see the appeal but I have never been able to warm to this name, Isobel?
    Bryony - lovely name
    Cosima - I love it (it's on my list of favourites in my signature ) very magical and beautiful
    Cosette - very Les Mis, do you like Colette?
    Colette - I suggested Colette as an alternative for Cosette before reading all of your list! Very classic and pretty
    Zelda - very associated with the game but I can see it working for a person, I love that it starts with the letter Z
    Beatrix - I love the spunky and exciting X but I still prefer Beatrice
    Camille - I like this but English speaking people pronounce it Cuh-meal and I much prefer the French Cah-mee pronunciation
    Cordelia - Again, I can understand the appeal but it is a bit overly fussy and frilly for my taste
    Elsa - ok but not overly exciting
    Zora - yay the letter Z again (I have a bit of an obsession with letters near the end of the alphabet, except Y)! I like this, it's very interesting and has a lovely meaning
    Nola - it's ok, I like Nuala as a potential nn for Fionnuala
    Sylvia - I can appreciate that it's quite pretty but it's nms
    Tamsin - nms, quite dated
    Tess - lovely classic but I prefer Tessa
    Sidonie - interesting but nms
    Wren - pretty
    Roxana - I am not a fan, I strongly dislike the nn Roxy/Roxie
    Delta - I like maths and chemistry so I can only think of the mathematical/chemistry symbol/Greek letter, it doesn't sound like a name
    Miriam/Mariam - nice, I know a little Miriam nn Miri and it's very cute
    Sybil - not ready for revival
    Just a 20 year old weirdly obsessed with names, no babies in the near future

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