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    Tess is my favorite

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    Really really like:

    Mirabel -- Also like Mirabeau
    Bryony -- prefer Briar, though I know its an acquired taste
    Tamsin -- quirky. fun. I have a friend with this name and she is hilarious.
    Wren -- does work better as a middle name, I think, or a second in a double first name.

    Not a fan of:

    Cosette -- I can't help but think corset.
    Nola -- I lived in New Orleans so I always think of that (people use this name as shorthand)
    Sidonie -- it's too drawn out for me. I feel like every syllable is over pronounced
    Roxana -- I'm surprised at how much this one pops up!

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    California, USA - Jalisco, México
    Junia I prefer Juno.
    Cosima I like it, a little.
    Cosette I like it, a little.
    Zelda I love Zelda.
    Camille I think it is lovely.
    Elsa Beautiful.
    Zora Reminds me of zorra which is spanish for fox or spanish slang for slut.
    Tess I prefer Tessa.
    Sidonie I do not like this.
    Wren Do not like this name, either.
    Roxana Nope.
    Delta This reminds me of the airlines.
    Miriam/Mariam It is nice, but not really my type. I prefer Marion.
    Sybil I do not like it.

    I love Zelda, Juno, Tessa, Camille and Elsa.

    MIA . LIV . UMA . ZOE

    JAX . WES


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    Lenora - Sure. Sounds a mom name, but it's pretty and memorable, and the nickname Leo's cute.
    Junia - I prefer Juniper, but it's a lot more unique.
    Mirabel - One of my favorites, it's on my list too
    Bryony - Reminds me of bronies. Nah. I like Bronwyn.
    Cosima - Like as in cosmic? No.
    Cosette - It'll always be Fantine's daughter, but sure.
    Colette - Hell yes. The nicknames are endless.
    Zelda - One of my guiltiest guilty pleasure names.
    Beatrix - Yes.
    Camille - Yes.
    Cordelia - Yes.
    Elsa - Now and forever more she's the queen of Arendelle, but yes, I like this name.
    Zora - Kind of a pet name for me. Sorry.
    Nola - Sure, though I think Noa's better.
    Sylvia - Hella Jewish and a bit of an old lady name, but I like it.
    Tamsin - (Like Tasmanian devils?) I've never seen it, but I like it.
    Tess - Cute.
    Sidonie - I've never seen this one before, but it's cute as well.
    Wren - No. Sounds too morbid.
    Roxana - Yes. I love Roxy.
    Delta - People will always think of the airline, but sure.
    Miriam/Mariam - Same as Sylvia.
    Sybil - Yes, but it reminds me of Gerbils.
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    Lenora—I prefer just Lenore, but they’re both really lovely. Honestly, any variation of Eleanor gets me.
    Junia—prefer June, but it’s very pretty.
    MirabelWay too frilly/insubstantial.
    BryonyDon’t like it. I think it’s the “ony” bit.
    Cosima—cool but ultimately NMS.
    Cosette—I overwhelming associate it with Les Mis, but it’s decent enough.
    Colette—much prefer to Cosette.
    Zelda—I think of Zelda Fitzgerald before the video games. Kind of an unhappy namesake, and very associated with one person. Can’t picture this on an actual human.
    Beatrix—Prefer Beatrice, but still quite like it.
    Camille—Prefer Camila, but again, good name.
    CordeliaLOVE it.
    ElsaLove it.
    Zora—Like Zelda, I think primarily of Zora Neale Hurston. It’s a more positive association, though, and I think the name is very nice, much prettier than Zelda.
    Nola—Decent enough.
    Sylvia—love it.
    Tamsin—Good name but NMS.
    TessLove it, but prefer as NN for Therese/Theresa/Teresa/etc.
    Sidonie—hate it.
    Wren –like it.
    Roxana—would prefer spelled Roxanna.
    Miriam/Mariam—Spelled Miriam please! I love it. My favorite on this list.
    Sybil—quite like it. It grew on me from Downton Abbey.
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