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    Parker for a girl

    I've recently had such a crush on Parker.. I like it for a girl or a boy. The only problem is I can't seem to think of middle names that I love with it for a girl. What are your thoughts on Parker for a girl and what middle names would you pair with it?

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    Not a fan of it. I mean, I kind of like it on a boy...but I just really don't like it on a girl.

    As for middles.....what are you looking for? Something uni-sex again? Something really frilly to balance it out? Do you want something classic? Something a little old-fashioned?

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    One of my cousins is named Parker McKenzie.

    I never knew that Parker is technically a boys name. Her brothers name is Fletcher.

    She wears the name well. Mostly we use Parkie as a nickname.

    Our grandfather doesn't like it too much. He thinks that Parker sounds too much like "park-her".

    Because of my cousin I can't be impartial. I like it well enough.
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    I don't like the name Parker for either gender. Like many occupational names, it reminds me of phrases (park her? Ryder = ride her. You get the picture). To avoid gender confusion, I would choose a traditional female name -something strong and definitely NOT too overly frilly.

    Parker Jane
    Parker Maeve
    Parker Elizabeth
    Parker Faye
    Parker Ruby
    Parker Rose
    Parker Alice
    Parker Audrey
    Parker Faith
    All the best,

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    My friend recently named her baby boy Parker. My nephew (who is 5) immediately made the connection to Peter Parker of Spiderman so he really likes the name.

    I think it would work on a girl. It is a little more masculine than say Harper or Piper to me, but that's just me. And there is the actress Parker Posey, and I think the name suits her well.

    I would combine it with a very girly middle name.

    Parker Violet
    Parker Eloise
    Parker Marie
    Parker Genevieve
    Parker Evangeline

    I think the nickname Pax would be a neat one for this, as I don't particularly like Parkie and Parka ...well, who wants to be called a huge winter coat? Pax means peace in latin and I don't think it's too much of a stretch -- or Pari, if you want to consider nn, though it's not necessary with Parker.

    I recently came across the name Eliette on here, which I think is the most beautiful feminization I've yet to see of a masculine name. Doesn't have much in common with Parker but I thought I'd throw it out there.

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