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    Would you feel gypped if your parents did this?

    I absolutely love the names Juliet and Jonathan and would love for my kids to have these names if I had a son and daughter. The problem is, Juliet is #253 on the popularity charts while Jonathan is in the top 50. My question is, would you feel gypped if your sibling got an uncommon name and you got a very popular name?

    Note: Both starting with J is just a coincidence. I normally wouldn't name my kids with names starting with the same letter, but I adore both of these names so much.
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    I have a really uncommon name (Eleni) and both my brothers have top 100 names. I don't feel gypped or left out. I kind of wish I had a more normal name just because of pronunciation, but other than that I don't wish I had popular names like them.
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    My sister has a less common name than I, and she was always disappointed that she could never find souvenirs with her name on them. She gave her kids relatively common names. Depends on the individual!

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    I think that your children would be fine. I wouldn't care if my parents did that. I have no experience with siblings though. From the names my mom likes I think she has a style of names with are classics and She did not focus on popularity. So I could've ended up with Less or more popular sibling names if my mom have wanted more children.
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    I think Jonathan and Juliet are fine. Thy are both easily recognizable, seven though Jonathan might get more use.
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