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    Names for a Character?

    I need some help! I'm writing a story and I need a name for the main character. She has black-brown hair, brown eyes, and an olive skin tone. She's nice, smart, and extremely sarcastic. She's also from Canada. Could you please help me?
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    What about Miranda? I think that would work really well- or maybe Natasha or Noelle?
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    Here's a little list!

    Katarina "Kat" "Kitty" "Rina"
    Katherine "Kathy" "Kate/Katy" "Kat"
    Leonore "Len" "Lenny"
    Dorothy "Dora" "Dorie" "Dodie" "Dot" "Dottie"
    Kalliope "Kal" "Kalli" "Kylie" "Opie"
    Opal "Opie"
    Danae "Danny" "Dana" "Nia"
    Emberly "Em/Emma/Emmy" "Lia"
    Delilah "Della" "Del" "Lilah"

    Hope this helps Good luck writing!

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