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    Eliza Audrey
    Stella Maeve
    Nora Adeline
    Linnea Kate
    Esther Jane
    Talia Ruby

    Hmm.. Kind of thrown together. In love with the first three, the rest I'm kind of unsure about.
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    Eve Tallulah Tuesday
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    Interesting what the mind does when you are sleeping. Maybe you heard the name Melody while out and about or on the tv and did not notice or care at the time but it was running through your head while sleeping.

    If I was naming six girls this moment -

    Livia Clementine
    Story Anneliese
    Isabel Poet (although I might change the middle name with a sister named Story)
    Sofia Wren
    Madeleine Snow
    Azure (I do not have a middle name yet; maybe Gabrielle, Evelyn, or Verity)

    "A person’s a person, no matter how small.”
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