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Thread: Lark vs. Raven

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    Lark vs. Raven

    We want our daughter named after a bird. He likes Lark, I like Raven. She will most likely have black curly hair and brown eyes, medium to light-ish skin.

    I was thinking:

    Lark Violet
    - or -
    Raven Sage or Raven Amber

    Sometimes I think Lark sounds harsh, but sometimes I think it sounds cute, and powerful for when she gets older. Like don't mess around with her. And for Raven, I think it sounds like she will be beautiful because of the dark hair and brown eyes. I go back and forth by the day! Initial thoughts or suggestions please! What do you think of when you hear these names?

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    I know another Raven Sage and for some reason I think that combo works really well. With dark curly hair, I think it's perfect. Other options could be Wren or Rook(more masculine) but I'd assume you already discussed many other bird names. My vote is for Raven Sage.

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    I like Raven. It has a darker feel to it, but sometimes it requires a more intense name for a more intense personality
    Branwen means beautiful raven in Welsh. there's also Ravenna

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    I want to love Lark more than I do. I love what the name symbolizes, but ultimately the sound doesn't quite do it for me. I do think it makes a great middle name or nickname though. It is a little more unexpected than Raven, though still accessible.

    So I would go with Raven. I know a few Ravens, ranging in age from 15 to 30, and they all have black hair actually -- though are quite different otherwise. I think it has a little more history of use as a name. Raven Sage works better imo than Raven Amber -- as Raven and Amber also both evoke color associations.

    Also ravens are so interesting and intelligent.

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    I'm a bit biased to like Raven. :P

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