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    Jezebel: Is It Offensive to You?

    I love the name Jezebel. I think it sounds modern, but not invented and would make a lovely alternative to the overused Isabel (and its variations). I'd consider using it myself if one of my closest friend's names wasn't Izabella and... if it wasn't offensive.

    Every website about names says naming a child Jezebel would be offensive to religious people. I know Jezebel is a negative character in the Bible, but I still don't quite understand why it is offensive. I understand that Cohen, for example, is offensive to Jewish people because it's a surname meaning "priest" (and therefore is not suitable as a first name, especially for non-Jews), but why Jezebel? Yes, the character was bad and obviously a religious person wouldn't use her name for their child, but is it really offensive encountering people named that?

    I know there're quite a few religious berries and I'd like to ask you, would you be offended if you'd meet a little Jezebel? Why? Do you think it's okay for non-religious people to use it?
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    Wikipedia's take on Jezebel in below in bold. The Biblical character is one issue. The more disturbing problem is that the name itself is now used as a disturbing term for a promiscuous female. Yes, it "sounds" nice like Isabel and Mirabel but the connotations are just too negative to even consider it a legitimate choice for me. Personally, as a Christian, I find it more in bad taste than offensive. Naming a girl Jezebel is tantamount to marking her forehead with a bulls-eye. This girl would be fair game for all sorts of embarassment. Just say no.

    The name Jezebel came to be associated with false prophets, and further associated by the early 20th century with fallen or abandoned women. In Christian lore, a comparison to Jezebel suggested that a person was a pagan or an apostate masquerading as a servant of God. By manipulation and/or seduction, she misled the saints of God into sins of idolatry and sexual immorality.[28] In particular, Jezebel has come to be associated with promiscuity. In modern usage, the name of Jezebel is sometimes used as a synonym for sexually promiscuous and sometimes controlling women
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    Frankly, I love the name Jezebel just exactly for the same reasons you do. In fact, I grew up next door to a family with two daughters named Jezebel & Josephine. I always loved the sib-set, and I'm not, at all, offended by the religious connotations. That said, I am not a Christian. But I am a religious Muslim.
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    I don't think its offensive, but I do think its far too loaded with negative connotations. If I met a little girl called Jezebel, I'd assume that her parents hadn't done their homework and had just given her a name that they thought sounded nice.
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    I agree with Mischa. I am a Christian, and I don't find Jezebel offensive, necessarily, I would just wince if I met one. All associations aside, it is a cool name, I'll admit.
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