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    Name: Madelyn Marie Brookes *Maddie*
    Age: 18
    Looks: Auburn Hair, Hazel Eyes

    I was raised by mum, Lisabeth Flora Brookes, she raised my 3 sisters and I by herself for as long as I can remember. My sisters are Danique Charissa (17), Jade Fleur (14) and Luna Paige (6). We grew up in the South. New Orleans, Louisiana to be exact. I went to the University of New Orleans and majored in Mathematics.

    While at University I met a very nice kind boy that I fell in love with almost instantly. His name is Joseph Charles McGee and he is from Arlington, Virginia. We started dating shortly after meeting. Joey and I have been dating for 4 years and he finally proposes. 8 months after he proposes, we get married. For our honeymoon we travel to Rome.
    Bridesmaid Dresses:

    We come back from our honeymoon and I start feeling funny. I finally find out that I am pregnant! We think It's time to move out of Joey's parent's basement. We decide to move back down to Louisiana. We live in Baton Rouge, LA which is an hour and a half from my family.

    We were finally getting settled into our new home, when we finally welcome our babies! We had twin girls whom we named Abbey Georgia and Lane Michelle.

    6 months later, I was just putting Abbey and Lane to bed when I got an urgent call from my brother-in-law. My sister, Danique, had just died in an accident, and he can't stay in his house any longer, as he can't pay the rent. I don't want to leave him out on the street with his kids, so we let him stay with us, but only for a little bit. My sister had a 4 year old little boy named Bentlee Hayes Kramer.

    Another 5 months fly by. I am pregnant again, but I've completely lost faith in my brother-in-law. He's lost his job, gotten into drugs, and become an aggressive alcoholic. I decide it'll be best if we adopt Bentlee as our own. He agrees and signs the papers, and you check him into a rehab center. It takes his Bentlee some time to adjust, but we give him his own room and try our best to make him feel at home. Another few weeks pass, and we get a call from the rehab center. I rush down there right away, but it's too late. My brother-in-law died from alcohol poisoning. A little bit after he passed, I give birth to twins, a boy and a girl. We name them Finnian (Finn) Bowie and Blake Aubrey.

    Our house has certainly grown too we decide to move! We move to a house with 15 rooms, it is a large mansion. Our new house is not in Louisiana anymore, we now reside in Garland, Texas. We now have two 2 year olds, 8 month olds, and Bentlee is now 5 years old. Joey and I decide to try just one more time, I mean, what's one more kid in the house? I can't have all those guest rooms anyway! turned into 6. I am pregnant with sextuplets! We end up having 2 boys and 4 girls. We name them Alexis (Lexie) Sage, Ben Nathaniel, Charlie Tobias, Elizabeth (Beth) Kate, Grace (Gracie) June and Lillian (Lilly) Paige.

    We decide that we are OFFICIALLY done having kids, having 10 biological kids less than 3 years apart, and having adopted my nephew. We decide to split up some of the rooms in the house so we do not have as many empty. The rest of the room with be guest rooms for now. If the sextuplets want their own room when they are older then they can switch it one of them.

    1. Joey & Maddie
    2. Bentlee (5)
    3. Abbey (2)
    4. Lane (2)
    5. Finn (8 months)
    6. Blake (8 months)
    7. Lexie & Lilly (NB)
    8. Beth & Gracie (NB)
    9. Ben & Charlie (NB)
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