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    Name: Sofia Rose Mendez

    Age: 20

    What color hair and eyes do you have?
    3. Dark brown hair/Blue eyes

    Who were you raised by? What are their names? (your choice of names):
    5. Grandparents: Anietta Maria & Josue Roberto Mendez

    Did you have any siblings? How old are they?
    8. Twin sister: age 20: Luna Jade

    Where did you grow up?
    4. Chula Vista, California

    Where did you go to college? UCLA

    What did you major in? Nursing

    While you were in college, you met a very nice, kind boy that you fell in love with almost instantly. You start dating. What is his name?
    Jared Donovan

    Where is (BF) from?
    4. Jersey City, New Jersey

    You and Jared have been dating for 3 and a half years, and he finally proposes.
    You get married 6 months later.
    What does your dress look like?

    What do the bridesmaid's dresses look like?

    Where do you go on honeymoon?
    1: Rome

    You come back from your honeymoon and start feeling funny. You finally find out you're pregnant! It's time to move out of Jared's parent's basement. Where do you settle down?
    5. Aurora, Colorado

    What does your house look like?

    You're finally settled into your new home, and you finally have your babies! What do you have, and what do you name them?
    DS/DD: Harrison Jude & Lucy Eleanor

    6 months later, you are just putting your children to bed when you get an urgent call from your brother-in-law. Your sister, Luna, had just died in an accident, and he can't stay in his house any longer, as he can't pay the rent. You don't wanna leave him out on the street with his kids, so you let him stay with you, but only for a little bit.
    How many children does he have, and how old are they? (You can choose names.)
    His name is Mario Jonathan Perez and he has a 3 year old daughter named Aria Natalie Perez.

    Another 5 months fly by. You're pregnant again, but you've completely lost faith in your brother-in-law. He's lost his job, gotten into drugs, and become an aggressive alcoholic. You decide it'll be best if you adopt his child as your own. He agrees and signs the papers, and you check him into a rehab center. It takes his child some time to adjust, but you give her their own room and try your best to make them feel welcome. Another few weeks pass, and you get a call from the rehab center. You rush down there right away, but it's too late. Your brother-in-law died from alcohol poisoning.

    A little bit after that, you have your twins.
    DS/DS: Phineas Otto & Cassian Dante

    Your house has certainly grown too you move! You move to a house with 15 rooms, a large mansion. Where do you move to?
    5: Washington, DC

    You now have 2 year olds, 8 month olds, and your adopted child. You and Jared decide to try just one more time, I mean, what's one more kid in the house? You can't have all those guest rooms anyway! turned into 6. You are pregnant with sextuplets! What are all the genders?
    B/B/G/B/G/G: Ben Oliver, Jack Elias, Lillian Eve, Louie Samuel, Natalie Bryn, and Madison Clare

    You decide you are OFFICIALLY done having kids, having 9/10/11 biological kids less than 3 years apart, and your adopted child. How do you split up the rooms?
    1. Jared & Me
    2. Harry
    3. Lucy & Aria
    4. Phin & Cas
    5. Ben, Jack & Louie (who goes by Sam)
    6. Lilly, Nat & Maddie
    7. Laundry room
    8. Play room
    9. My music room
    10. Kitchen
    11. Dining Room
    12. Guest room
    13. Jared's "Man cave"
    14. Study
    15. Spa room (has hot tub)

    That's your (shorter) life story!
    Sofia & Jared; Harry, Lucy, Aria, Phin, Cas, Ben, Jack, Lilly, Louie, Nat & Maddie (:

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